Was Pope Benedict XVI a good (yes) or bad (no) pontiff?

  • Plain and Simple

    Looking back at the last several years of the Catholic Church it was a fairly tame run. The church stood its grounds on its moral issues, yet didn't kick up enough attention to really get any kickback. The only major issue most would agree on is the lack of effort to solve the priest/child molestation issues. Other than that I would have to say that Pope Benedict XVI was a good pontiff.

  • Benedict XVI Stepped Down

    Although Benedict XVI was a staunch conservative in the church, the fact that he resigned when his health began to fail is a sign that he truly was a man of God. Benedict XVI could have been Pope for another 10 years, but then we would have had another Pope John Paul II who was frail for a long time and couldn't do much of anything. Pope Francis clearly has a lot of energy and is truly doing great things for his church as he brings back the true meaning of what it means to be a man who follows the examples of Jesus. Benedict XVI was a good pope because he resigned when he felt called to do so and his successor has breathed new life into an ailing Roman Catholic church.

  • Pope? Or tyrannical satanist?

    This guy is so bad, he probably doesn't even really iknow what the pope is, but he found himself in that position. Everyday, benedict probably woked up and said, "man, i cannot to be a useless shitfuck all day, and tarnish everything i can. Also, i think i control the world and minds." i hate this pope, he was bad,.

  • Overlooked, a king and not a pope

    He wears expensive clothes, red shoes, too many diamonds, he was like a French king before renaissance, those things made people feel that their bishop is far away from jesus kingdom. He's obe of the worst popes that history had made. Some of his followers say yhat he wrote books, but what is the influence of books and poetry in this time, ne one will read them, in this time we need actions, humble leader and not a good writer that do not show any humble facts.

  • One Step Forward and Ten Steps Backwards - in Expensive Red Shoes

    Thanks to his actions, the Church has lost its albeit slow momentum toward the future. We lost 40 years of forward looking theology, liturgy and equality from 1990 when he became JPII's side kick and through to the end of his pontificate in 2013. He was a disaster on the issue of pedophile priests. He all but destroyed the women religious communities of the US. And although he was at the forefront of change during Vatican II, he virtually made all that progress null and void as he catered to the SSPX and Opus Dei during his reign. His example has led most new priests to be more concerned about their expensive "satin and lace" throwback vestments than advocating for the poor and oppressed. Bad, bad pontiff.

  • Pope Benedict XVI a bad pontiff.

    Pope Benedict was a disappointing Pope. He did not make any reforms to the church, and he did not do well handling the church's sexual abuse scandal. Furthermore, he quit his position when he was still alive, which is historically very rare. Benedict's time as Pope was not disasterous but it wasn't very good either.

  • Benedict was the worst Pope in modern history.

    Benedict was a conservative hardliner that caused so many problems in the church. Speaking as a Roman Catholic, I was thrilled beyond words that we didn't have to wait for that evil little coffin dodger to kick the bucket, because only the good die young. The only good thing Benedict ever did was step down from that job and allow Francis to become the Pope we needed.

  • Pope Benedict XVI was a puppet pontiff

    Pope Benedict XVI was a puppet for his handlers and during his time as pontiff the Catholic church lost a lot of credibility. By failing to act swiftly and strongly to rectify the hurts of the sex abuse scandal and remove those responsible for these heinous acts they alienated not only their own followers but many who had once viewed the church as a worthy and wonderful religion. He continued the churches tendency toward excess and overlooked the rampant corruption around him. He allowed the cover up of abuse accusations, the protection of abusers, and the continuation of abuse. He was a bad pontiff.

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