• Yes he was.

    Pope John Paul II was right to oppose Liberation Theology with such vigor. He is one of the most powerful people in the Catholic church, so anything that he wanted to do was his prerogative. He also has free will, so if it was right to him then it was right.

  • He was right because it would change Catholicism too much.

    Pope John Paul II was right to oppose Liberation Theology with such vigor. This is because he felt it would change the Cathoic Church too much. He felt that it would in turn change the parishioners and their value systems. It would thus make the religion too modern to actually reflect what Catholicism was based on.

  • Liberation Theology threatened the Catholic Church.

    The church is little more than a secondary form of government. The church, and John Paul II rely upon the donations of the followers to live as well as they do. They wear expensive clothing, they live in luxury, they have control of some of the most historically significant art. They receive great benefits, and are not burdened with taxes. When the people decided that they were tired of paying for such luxury, they began a new movement that was potentially Catholocism without the greed of the church.

  • It makes Christianity political.

    Yes, Pope John Paul II was right to oppose Liberation Theology with such vigor, because it is his job to lead against false teachings. Pope John Paul II was correct that it would be the politicization of Christianity and religion to suggest that Jesus' teachings suggest nothing more than a political rise against social order. In fact, Jesus discusses respecting authority.

  • It Was Appropriate

    Pope John Paul II has been quoted as saying in a speech, "this conception of Christ, as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth, does not tally with the Church's catechisms." Based on this statement and the fact that Liberation Theology was a political movement I have to say I agree with his opposition. Religion should never be used for political movements.

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