Was pornography to blame for pushing Ted Bundy over the edge into becoming a murderer?

  • You can't blame it, But it is a big contributor

    Ted Bundy had a great and supportive family and not the dysfunctional family you often here in serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy had some mental issues that he compounded with a lack of self confidence and the break up of his first major girlfriend. As time went on he went to fulfill his sexual fantasies through porn. The more porn he watch the more he wasn't able to satisfy himself. He started chasing a high exactly like drugs. He targeted women to fit his fetish and his taste and murdered them.

  • Not to Blame, But Certainly Contributed!

    It isn't as if pornographic material took control of Ted's mind and made him do these things, rather, the influence it had on his mind and soul caused his cravings to increase to the point where fantasizing would no longer do. For some on here who minimize the effects porn has on a person, calling it "entertainment" and nothing more, I suppose that is evidence of the lack of biblical truth in their lives. I don't think even Ted himself blamed porn; he alluded to the INFLUENCE it had on his mind. Tens of thousands of other people can give personal testimony of the negative effects porn has had on their personal lives, including myself. By God's grace I am delivered, yet the battle is daily. I pray for all reading this...That they would know there is a way out! It's Jesus!

  • Pornography had very little to do with Ted Bundy.

    Ted Bundy was a disturbed individual for more reasons than one. Blaming pornography is a very loose possibility. The argument is generally that pornography allowed him access to sexual depictions that he would not have otherwise had. This may be true, but using that as a predictor of mass murder is a bit absurd. If it were, every teenage boy I ever met should be a killer by now.

  • Pornography To Blame

    I personally think that aroad that leads to nowhere
    When Ted Bundy was thirteen years old, he discovered “dirty magazines” in a dump near his home. He was instantly captivated by them. In time, Bundy became more and more addicted to violent images in magazines and videos. He got his kicks from seeing women being tortured and murdered. When he tired of that, there was only one place his addiction could go - from fantasy to reality.

  • No, not in any way.

    People like Ted Bundy are born or develop a sort of mental illness called psychopathy or sociopathy. In extreme cases, they have both Bundy happened to have both. Maybe there was a trigger in his life of some sort, but it definitely was not pornography. Unfortunately, he was doomed from the start.

  • No: Pornography Did Not Push Ted Bundy Into Becoming A Murderer

    Ted Bundy was a sociopath whose enjoyment for causing suffering came from deep seated psychological problems. The fact that he was described as being a charismatic individual who often manipulated his victims suggests that he was indeed a clinical psychopath. Pornography would have no bearing on the behavior of such a damaged and destructive individual, who sexually assaulted, murdered, and mutilated his victims.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe pornography is to blame for pushing Ted Bundy over the edge into becoming a murderer. I believe it is unrealistic to suspect the pornography has the power to explain a serial killers actions. Pornography is a form of entertainment, it doesn't drive people crazy or make them kill other people.

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