• President Bush Years

    Bush and his so called war were for a good reason because there was a bunker filed with weapons of mass destruction. If you don't believe me ask someone that was there or look up wikileaks. There was in fact weapons of destruction there. President Bush was one of the best president this country has ever had and you dumb Democrats really need to grow up and look at the real facts of what Bush did for this country

  • Wasn't as Bad as the Left portrays him

    While many Liberals portray Bush as a terrible President, they cannot give you a single reason why. Economically, in his first 6-7 years in office, he would be credited with utter success. Unlike President Obama, whos 2009 Stimulus Package proved to be a complete failure, the Bush Tax Cuts were widely credited and benefited the American People (Which is why to this day the Bush Tax Cuts are extended). Under the Bush Tax Cuts, the United States saw a record of 55 CONSECUTIVE months of Job GROWTH. That is the longest amount of time the United States has EVER seen job growth, and yet Bush is the "worst President in History." Looking back to the entire War on Terror, considering the fact that the war was over 10 years ago, it is easy to sit back and simply blame Bush and Cheney for being the only ones wanting to go into war. What Liberals won't tell you is that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry (All Democrats that ran for Presidency) ALL believed that Iraq had WMD's. At the time, there were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who all believed it. The Intelligence Agency and the FBI all backed the claims. And Saddam himself, who was a murderer, constantly provoked the United States and personally did not believe that we would actually attack them. Yes, we were ultimately wrong about the WMD's, but I put it this way and compare it to a present day scenario: EVERYONE believes the Iran has Nuclear Weapons. Let's say the President Obama decides to take military action against Iran and it turns out the they never had Nuclear Weapons after all. In a few years from now, will Liberals accuse Obama and hold him accountable just like they still do with Bush? And to conclude, in Bush's first term, his approval rating was 90%...not too shabby for a "terrible President."

  • Bush was bad for Americans and for his own family

    Bush was a terrible President who I believe over the course of time will prove to be one of the worst people ever to run our country.

    Not only did Bush damage our economy, cost us many lives in the two wars he lead us into and make a fool out of himself on the international stage but he also hurt his family's brand.

    I don't believe Jed Bush will ever be President and it's really no fault of his own but having the last name Bush is no longer a good thing in American politics.

  • No, Bush made a number of significantly bad decisions

    I do not believe that President Bush was not good for America because he led us into two prolonged wars that racked up billions of dollars in debt, along with the cost of human life of both our military and the people in the countries we invaded. Bush took a balanced budget from Clinton and proceeded to rack up the most debt in our history, while the richest people in the country only got richer.

  • Heck No--Bush Was a Horrible President

    President George W. Bush had a daddy complex. He tried to prove to his father that a) he could be somebody and b) he could finish the job of killing Saddam Hussein. The warmongers surrounding Bush were horrible. Instead of trying to kill Osama bin Laden or even preventing 9/11, Bush instead let things spiral out of control with two costly wars and then an economic recession. Bush was one of the worst presidents in history, on par with Nixon and Hoover.

  • Absolutely not

    Bush dragged us down to the lowest point we have ever been. He ruined the economy and started a war just to redeem his father. He had no clue how to run our country and was too stubborn to fill his cabinet with people who could. Clinton pulled us out of debt after Bush Sr. only to be dragged back in by Jr.

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