• Yes President Obama was correct in relieving McChrystal.

    President Obama did not feel that McChrystal was fulfilling the duties he had been assigned to fulfill. It appears that this departure may have been expected due to recent events. President Obama had to think about the reputation of his staff and the White House,therefore, relieving McChrystal was a decision that had to be made.

  • General McCrystal was insubordinate to his Commander-in-Chief

    Regardless of what point Gen. McCrystal may have in his Rolling Stone critiques of the strategies in Afghanistan, that does not give him the right to publicly voice them while holding command and undermining his superior. President Obama, regardless of whether he is a good president, is the Commander-in-Chief and the military must abide by his decision as elected by the people of the U.S. as legitimate.

  • He was right.

    No, Obama was not correct in relieving McChrystal, because McChrystal was correct. Obama hates this country and the military, so he would not know what is good for the military. McChrystal had positive criticism, and it should have been allowed. Obama probably figured out that McChrystal would rather still be working for Bush.

  • He should of stayed

    President Obama should of not let general McCrystal go at a time that was so crucial in the American military operations. The president made a haste decision that did affect negatively the moral of the military. The president made the wrong decision like he usually does involving the military men and women.

  • No, Obama was not right in relieving McChrystal.

    I think that it was wrong for President Barrack Obama to relieve McChrystal of his duties. I think that McChrystal was an honorable man who was fired by Obama because of politics. I think that it is just another example of the Obama administration's lack of respect for people with different opinions.

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