Was President Obama correct to call out the NRA for skipping his town hall on the gun issue?

  • The NRA definitely missed an ample opportunity to have an open discussion with the President.

    I definitely believe the President was correct in calling out the NRA for skipping the town hall meeting that was set up to discuss limits needed to prevent further gun violence against citizens. This was not a one sided event where the NRA were coming into hostile territory. There people there who were representing both sides of the gun debate. This would have been such a great opportunity for dialogue in front of the world, so everyone could see why they are so against any kind of reform, regardless of how small. They could have shown everyone that it wasn't just about money. So many in the states have no idea why an order to ban selling guns to mentally ill people would cause opposition from them. They really should have been there representing their point of view.

  • The NRA show set an example to all those who disagree with Obama.

    The NRA has an obligation to represent themselves in any discussion on gun laws. If they are going to be fighting against what President Obama is trying to accomplish, then they should be there in person to show how important the issue is to them. They are the main gun group in the US and what President Obama decides to execute, will directly and immediately effect them.

  • I think he was right in calling out the NRA.

    I watched the town hall, and I really wish the NRA would have been there, so that we would see both sides of the argument clearly. President Obama said the NRA has refused to meet with him on many occasions, which doesn't help us reach any kind of a compromise.

  • Yes I agree

    There is clearly a gun problem in this country and the NRA sticking their head in the sand does nothing to solve the problem. It shouldn't be a partisan issue - it should be a human issue. Opposing everything President Obama has to say does nothing to solve the problem.

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