Was President Obama right all along about the Republican strategy of extremism?

  • Yes, President Obama was right the Republican strategy of extremism.

    Yes, President Obama had it exactly right about the Republican strategy. The Republicans are saying that they don't like the way their presidential nominee is acting, but they created the atmosphere for him to be. They embraced the racist birthers, which their nominee was a leader of, and they have disrespected President Obama through his entire presidency by refusing to work with him on anything. President Obama has been right the whole time about what the Republican Party has been doing.

  • I agree that President Obama was right about Republican extremism.

    In the past ten years the Republican party has acted in a way that can only be described as extreme. From creating conspiracy theories against President Obama and members of his cabinet to telling outright lies in public to damage his reputation and discredit his efforts. These are all acts of a failing and dying party.

  • No, it's simply one mans opinion

    President Obama is a very talented public speaker and is able to say things in a way that make him seem more right than he is by dramatizing certain points. While Trump is nothing near soft spoken, that doesn't make him a radical extremist that is going to destroy the country. President Obama only makes it seem that way to further his agenda.

  • Obama is wrong about Republican extremism

    Obama is wrong about Republican extremism. In fact, extremism is not a strategy. It is a poorly created label by the left. Anything to the right of Stalin is considered extreme to the left. If any party is extreme it is the democratic party. Absolutely shameful how the left has become.

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