Was President Obama right to exchange five Taliban prisoners for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?

  • You should never leave someone in the hands of the enemy.

    I think President Obama was right to exchange the Taliban prisoners, and do whatever else it took to obtain the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Prisoner exchange between enemies has always been a feature of any war. It can never be right to leave one of your own citizens in the hands of the enemy when you have the power to release them. It is not as if the released prisoners can ever return to active duty.

  • Yes, he was right to do it.

    The U.S. government has an obligation to Americans held as prisoners abroad to make sure they're being treated fairly and in accordance with international norms and laws. I think this especially applies to our men and women and uniform, especially POWs. It would have been wrong for the U.S. government to do absolutely nothing if it knew Bowe Bergdahl's life was in danger.

    That would have been the real crime.

  • We don't leave our boys in the pit, we pull them out of it.

    It is egregious to me that the very organizations which organized petitions to demand Obama use "every means necessary" to bring our POWs home, now call a soldier a traitor.


    Anyone who considers the man a traitor is dancing to the tune of the right-wing scandal crazed media which functions as a spokesperson for the GOP.

    I am sickened by how easily manipulated the individuals on the right are. It is truly appalling to me that individuals would vilify this young man.

  • He was a traitor.

    No, President Obama was not right to exchange five Taliban prisoners for Sgt Bergdahl, because Sgt Bergdahl was a traitor. The Sgt deserted his own army. He went to the Taliban voluntarily and taught them how to make bombs. Obama worked for his release because his family is a friend of the terrorists.

  • Absolutely not !!!

    Once again, Dingle Barry shows his true colors. He acted without informing Congress, which I believe is an impeachable offense. If those terrorists he released kill again, and they will, Obama should be held accountable for their deaths. Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. Meanwhile, a Marine in a Mexican jail is getting no help at all from this POS. When are people gonna wise up, try him for treason, and put him in front of a firing squad, where he belongs?

  • Obama messed up

    While it was symbolically the right move, trading five Taliban commanders, not only prisoners, for a single soldier who abandoned his fellow soldiers and ended up getting six of them killed as they looked for him is just wrong. Susan Rice should be fired immediately for saying this guy served with honor. As the last POW in Afghanistan I'm sure they had to do whatever it took to get him out, but this is a guy who didn't deserve to be saved.

  • No, this is a bad idea.

    This was a terrible decision to make and I believe will lead to greater national security issues going forward. I believe this will encourage terrorists to try and capture more U.S. Soldiers or even citizens to take for ransom. This was not a typical wartime act. The prisoners they released actively hate the U.S. and will work now and in the future to destroy it.

  • If he gets home: dishonorable discharge!

    He was caught because he abandoned his brothers on the field that would have died to protect him. He was a traitor. And look at the message the Taliban is receiving, "if we take 1 US soldier, we can bring back 5 terrorists". People died trying to bring back a person who was captured because he abandoned the army.

  • He's a Traitor.

    He was a Traitor. He desserted the US Army leaving a US military base and went to the Taliban. 6 troops died searching for him and all we did was make the world a worse place by releasing 6 of the world's most dangerous terrorists to get this man who has betrayed the US.

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