Was Prince Charles making a fair comparison when he compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler?

  • It's a decent comparison

    While the comparison might be a little harsh, the parallels between the two are pretty blatant. Putin's annexation of Crimea seems eerily similar to Hitler's annexation of the Sudetenland at the beginning of his attempts to conquer all of Europe. Putin has already demonstrated his aggressive foreign policy through the Russian aggressions toward Georgia in 2008. Putin is also very much a Russian nationalist and has a clear vision for an Imperial Russia and a nostalgia for the USSR and the days when Russia effectively controlled all of Eastern Europe which is very comparable to Hitler's German nationalism and fascism and his own desire to control all of Europe.

  • No it was unnecessary

    The comment was made during a private conversation, overheard by the media, he didn't say it at a press conference, Like certain American politicians have been doing over the past few months and not long ago a Russian politician, on Russian TV casually mentioned that Russia was one of the few countries that could reduce the US to radioactive ash all of these politicians and heads of state say plenty of stupid things, that will be forgotten when the next one comes along.

    People keep trying to compare every evil rouge leader to Hitler. When they should be focusing on the actual "current so called bad leaders" in the world and what they are actually doing.

    Simple fact is if Putin had wanted to annex Crimea and the rest of the Ukraine he could have easily done it, before any of the western powers could have organised a credible response. The Russians have been fairly restrained, in their response to the Ukraine situation.

  • Not completely unsound, but for the most part, it's a pretty weak comparison.

    Putin wields a dangerous amount of power, no doubt about that. And many of the policies he has enacted over the years range from questionable to asinine, including his actions towards gay men, Chechnya, and recently Ukraine. But come ON. Comments like that don't mean anything anymore, especially after so many Obama-Hitler/Obama-Stalin comments have been made.

  • Like it's such a bad thing to be Hitler

    Charles is nothing more than some lousy Anglo-Saxon who talks a lot of bulls--t. He couldn't come up with a decent argument if he even tried. Lol. Vladmir Putin has every right to follow his policies. It's his country -- he can do whatever the flippin heck he wants to do.

  • What is similar about them?

    Vladimir Putin is not making concentration camps. He is not trying to conquer the world. I know Charles has high interest in ruining Putin's reputation, but informed people will not be affected by statements like this.
    US is droning foreign countries, but is Charles worried about them? US is killing Americans who they think are guilty without a trial (outside of combat), but is Charles worried about them?
    What makes Putin the bad guy? Defending his people, oil and gas?

  • Of course not

    He was not making a fair comparison. Adolf Hitler is dead and people should never do things like he did. Vladimir Putin didn't do actions that are similar to Adolf Hitler and so it wasn't a fair comparison. Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler are two different people with two different minds.

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