Was Prince Harry wrong for comparing his duty in Afghanistan to his favorite video games?

  • Yes, it is belittling to actual combat.

    A video game can never border on real life, because if it did no one would play it. By comparing war and real life to the fantasy land of a video game Prince Harry is glamorizing war and violence. This sends the wrong message the the youth and those that are impressionable.

  • No, it was just a comment from a young, albeit royal, man in the field.

    Prince Harry was not at all wrong to compare his duty in Afghanistan to his favorite video games. Harry is royal, and he is a soldier; so many video games are based on actual events-that's what makes them engaging to people of all ages, and it was simply a comment he made. He should not be chastised for something that may be distasteful, but is true.

  • NO

    While I am not sure that he used the best possible words to get his message across, I do believe that he was using an analogy to help people understand.

    Besides, if I'm being brutally honest, he's actually making a good comparison. Warfare with the machines we have these days is so impersonal, and the person doing the killing is so far removed from the actual action, I'm sure that it is a lot more like a video game than most people are comfortable with.

    That's what I think is the real issue here. People just don't like hearing it because they know that what he said is the truth, and it bothers them.

  • Analogy is a gateway to understanding

    I see no issue with anyone using things they believe the general public to be familiar with as a means to convey information in an easier to understand manner.

    It is just a way to make himself better understood to those not familiar with a the feel of a combat zone.

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