• I think that he was.

    Putin sounds like he really wants to settle things, especially since things between the middle east and America are becoming heated. He wants to protect the people who have been attacked most throughout history and finally give them some solace that they are safe for once in their Jewish lives.

  • I think Putin was sincere in his welcome to Jews

    I believe that Russian politician Putin was very sincere in his publication welcoming the Jews more in their country. The old wars have to be forgotten and Putin shows it by doing this welcome, I hope the Jewish population believe him and augment their immigration to Russia, it can only help diversity.

  • Yeah..... No way

    Putin and Russia have wanted Israel and the Jews dead for a long time. Putin had repeatedly stated that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. He is also friends with IRAN. TBH though I really can not trust anything Putin says anymore. Ex-KGB. He has been repotted to have stolen one of The Queen's corgis

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    It's impossible to look into someone's heart, but Putin's past history does not make me think that his message to the Jews was sincere. He has helped Russia develop several anti-Israel policies, and you cannot be truly and sincerely welcoming to the Jews if you are not an ally of the country of Israel.

  • He was not sincere

    Putin has so often said one thing, then instituted or supported policies that show just the opposite. He cannot be trusted to give a message welcoming Jews without wondering if behind closed doors he isn't ensuring that in fact Jews are not welcome in Russia, and will not be protected by the government.

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