Was Queen Victoria a stuck-up who made England very puritan?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Firstly, she was BRITISH not 'English'

    And secondly, I disagree. She did increase British control in India, which actually made India more democratic than it would've been without us, an economic powerhouse and a very important country. She made our country great and lead the industrial revolution which, in the end, made life better for us all. She was a great Queen.

  • "Puritanical" is a Word Often Misused

    Puritans were a sect who sought to modify the Church of England, to "purify" it by not recognizing higher authority in the Church than one's local minister, meaning that they did not recognize the ruler of England as being the head of the Church of England. Ergo, a King or Queen of England cannot be a Puritan unless they choose to renounce their place in the Church of England, which Victoria did not. Ipso facto Victoria could not have made England "Puritan" as her participation in religion was fundamentally against the Puritan ideal.

  • Yes and no

    While Queen Victoria could definitely be considered a "prude", you have to remember that at the time, that was the attitude of the whole country- things were more "proper"- people wore more formal clothing, manners were important, etc. Victoria herself did not make Britain "puritan" (that's not what it means), Britain's customs were already like that. Victoria is still regarded as one of the best British leaders.

  • Queen Victoria smoked weed

    She couldn't have been that bad of a puritan. She smoked weed for her menstrual cramps. And this was in the 19th century. I said a hip hop a hippity hop to the hip hop hop and up jump the boogie. A hip hop a hippity hop to the hip hop hop and up jump the boogie.

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