Was racism in America only about black and white?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • Simple Google Search

    Racism is still occurring in America towards all races. There's people out there that hate Native Americas and the Latinos and the Asians, etc. I believe what you are asking about is the segregation. Even in that case, a simple Google search shows us that dark skinned Latinos were forced to play in the Negro League, while the lighter skinned ones were allowed in the White League. Asians were taken to camps during WWII and not treated the same afterwards, not until after segregation. They were classified as "white," using the same bathrooms and postal services and schools, they were just distrusted.

  • It extended to Europeans.

    Italians didn't have an easy life. They've been pushed and abused by police, so they get together and fight back. Mafia stuff and whatnot. Chinese and Japanese immigrants also had difficulty. It seemed like they had an attitude towards immigrants as "They can't have what I have". Not quite sure how to put it in words.

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Adam2isback says2015-07-07T16:14:16.600
No it wasn't, idiots
Adam2isback says2015-07-07T16:14:46.413
There's a reason the signs were "white" and "colored." Italians, Irish, Japanese, Greeks, Hispanics (non-Visigothic), Russians (to a certain extent) were all mistreated