• Of course she was

    Not only in her original assault but in the way it was followed by a lackluster investigation from the police who did not use all the resources they had access to to prosecute her rapists. The shift from her asking for help to being blamed for what happened to her on all sides is exactly what rape culture does.

  • Parsons was a victim of "rape culture."

    Rehtaeh Parsons went to a party and during that time, she passed out. She was raped by four men/boys, and they decided to take pictures of that act. To add insult to injury, they posted the rape on facebook, which went viral and ruined her life. With Rape culture, you are violated against your will, so yes, she was a victim of rap culture.

  • Yes, she was.

    Yes, I think Rehtaeh Parsons was a victim of "rape culture." Young people these days do not seem to understand what constitutes rape. This young girl was unfortunately taken advantage of while being unconscious. Being underage and/or intoxicated constitutes rape. She was not able to consent and this absolutely makes her a victim of the "rape culture."

  • I definitely think so!

    I agree with the previous comment. If the police were to fully investigate and look online to see that these stupid want to be men, raped this innocent person. If the police did their job, maybe Rehtaeh Parsons would have had closure and received help she might still be alive today!

  • Lack of an investigation.

    In today's society, rape continues to be a taboo subject and many times police do not fully investigate allegations. This is the case for Rehtaeh Parsons, who hung herself after being depressed in the aftermath of the rape. The boys in question never denied raping Parsons and even took photographs. If police had done their jobs and interrogated and interviewed people, the boys would have been found guilty of the charges. Instead, they were released due to insufficient evidence.

  • Absolutely Positively NO - "In November 2011, Rehtaeh Parsons, then 15, allegedly went with a friend to a home in which she was reportedly raped by 4 teenage boys. The teenagers were drinking vodka at a small party. Parsons had little memory of the event, except that at one point she vomited. " - I'm not sure how accurate this information from wikipedia is but if the scenario is accurate then I would ask WHY IS A 15 YEAR OLD AT A PARTY DRINKING VODKA?. I would especially ask this if it was my daughter even if she was raped, in fact I would be angry that she made such a stupid decision that made her vulnerable. If I had a 15 year old son and he went to such a party and participated in underaged drinking then I would ask WHY IS A 15 YEAR OLD AT A PARTY DRINKING VODKA?.

    The LOGIC still remains no matter the gender of the victim or the act committed, people have to learn to take responsibility fo themselves, her actions DID NOT CAUSE HER RAPE, but her actions definitely made her MORE VULNERABLE TO RAPE., keyword is logic here not blind emotional opinions. You people voting yes can say what you want, but I'd rather have a smart daughter that dresses "conservatively", hangs out with nerds and focus on her education, and avoids parties like these and the popular crowd because she's way less likely to be raped.

  • Rape culture what?

    Rape culture, am i confused what is this culture that stipulates around the idea of rape. Yes i agree on all accounts rape is wrong, this girl is pretty, she seems like she blossomed from a younger girl, into a prettier teen, that may have gone through struggles. I'm not saying i wouldn't have wanted to be her bf. But she's gone....She was raped supposedly from what articles say. But rape culture? What is this...?

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