• A Most Memorable Character

    Ask a Bond moviegoer what character they remember the most, besides the men who have played 007, and what do you think you will get as a response? Jaws, played by Richard Kiel, for sure. Whether or not it was his acting, his look, or the creation of the Jaws character, he is one of Bond's greatest characters.

  • Jaws Was a Great Villian

    Jaws was a great bad guy. He didn't even need to speak to convey menace. He just looked frightened and hulking in every scene. He was able to stand toe to toe with bond which was a rare thing in these movies. I hope he rests in peace and gets the recognition he deserves.

  • Yes was one of the best!

    I think it is hard to argue that Richard Kiel was not one of the best James Bond characters. He stood out in his role, and any time I think of James Bond he always pops up in my mind. I feel he will always be remembered as his role.

  • Richard Kiel was not one of the best

    Richard Kiel was not one of the best characters. This is because there are so many characters to choose from, from memory that were equal or better. Time doesn't really change much for entertainment in terms of cast types. James Kiel was good, but I am not more impressed with him than anyone else.

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