Was Richard Nixon a better U.S. President than Barack Obama?

  • Nixon had better foreign and domestic Accomplishments

    Nixon was a great man, sadly all his accomplishments were overshadowed by Watergate. He opened up to China, ended the draft, made the EPA, signed the Clean Air Act, and got us out of Vietnam. Nixon had several treaties with the Soviets also. Nixon actually kept his campaign promises come true. Can't say the same for Obama.

  • Both were in scandals, but......

    While nixon's scandal maybe his downfall and consider political fraud in a way, at least it didn't involve anyone dying and Nixon finally owned up in the end. Obama, on the other hand, had the same situation yet he let 4 of our fellow Americans die in Benghazi just to get re-elected, but blamed on something that didn't even exist!!! That scandal makes watergate look like child's play!!

  • Based on official acts

    Lets immediately get it out of the way: Barack Obama is by far a better, nicer, cooler, more ethical person than Richard Nixon. Honestly, even if he weren't as cool, Nixon would be worse. Still, Nixon left a strong country with a vibrant economy, opened up relations with China and Russia (to a degree), and withdrew troops from Vietnam.

  • Yes, Nixon handled the economy better.

    Yes, Richard Nixon was a better U.S. President than Barack Obama, because Richard Nixon did not take the country down paths toward socialism. Although his actions at the end were inexcusable, Nixon handled the country better than Obama does. Nixon did not want us all on welfare like Obama does. Nixon on the whole was better.

  • No, President Obama is honest

    Richard Nixon normalized relations with China, enabling America to use
    diplomacy rather than confrontation with that powerful nation. He also
    signed the legislation that started the EPA, the Environmental Protection
    Agency. On the other hand, President Barack Obama has led
    the country out of the Great Recession, made health care available to millions
    of Americans, and will certainly never be forced to resign to avoid being
    impeached and thrown out of office.

  • Nixon Worse Than Obama

    While Obama has been a terrible president, Nixon was even worse for the United States. The fact of the matter is that Richard Nixon did absolutely nothing for our country, much like Obama. Both presidents were mostly forgettable, and they haven't been lauded for many of their actions while helming the country.

  • Obama Better than Nixon

    Without a doubt, President Nixon wasn't better than President Obama. Obama has made far more strides and bounds than Nixon. He has implemented some controversial policies, but he has helped the country in many ways, too. We shouldn't even talk about these two people in the same sentence these days.

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