Was Richard Nixon a better U.S. President than George W. Bush?

  • Yes he was.

    Richard Nixon was a better United States President than George W. Bush was. Richard Nixon did not help bring in one of the worst economic disasters that the United States of America has ever seen. He may have done some illegal things, but his presidency was not worse then Bush's.

  • Richard Nixon was a better U.S. President than George W. Bush.

    Although Nixon was forced to resign, all of this other acts beside Watergate were good for the country. Nixon opened up China to the West and brought an end to the Vietnam Conflict. Bush, on the other hand, started two wars, and was generally hated at the end of his presidency.

  • Both Evil, Powerhungry Men

    Richard Nixon was a power-hungry man who would do anything to get to the White House. So was George W. Bush. One tried to spy on his political opponent while the other made it to the Oval Office thanks to the Supreme Court and Florida's hanging chads. Both presidents were in office during unpopular wars. Bush would have done the American people a favor by resigning, but the Democrats didn't have the guts to try to impeach him.

  • Nixon Not Better Than Bush Junior

    Richard Nixon wasn't a better president than George W. Bush by any means. He dealt with numerous scandals and his presidency wasn't that important in the bigger picture. While controversial during his presidency, Bush enacted many policies and legislative pieces that were considered great for the United States of America.

  • Honesty vs. Dishonesty

    I don't believe President Bush was a crook like Richard M. Nixon. Because of President Nixon's dishonesty, the Republicans lost the presidential election of 1976. President Gerald R. Ford was a honest man. Since people were upset over Nixon, President Ford lost to Jimmy Carter. If Ford had won, we wouldn't have had the disastrous Carter presidency.

  • No, Richard Nixon was not a better U.S. President than George W. Bush.

    No, Richard Nixon was not a better U.S. President than George W. Bush. George W. Bush did a lot of things that I do not agree with but he never was involved in a scandal on the level of watergate. Nixon is the only president in U.S. history that resigned his position.

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