Was Rob Dyrdek's marriage proposal to Bryiana Noelle Flores at Disneyland one of the most romantic proposals ever?

  • Yes, Rob Dydrek's marriage proposal to Bryiana Noelle Flores was romantic.

    Yes, the marriage proposal by Rob Dydrek to Bryiana Noelle Flores in Disneyland was one of the most romantic proposals ever. Every girl dreams of a princess love story that Disney has portrayed. Come in on an elephant and then having a genie grant you three wishes in front of a crowd of people is truly memorable and innovated. Rob Dydrek made one woman's dream come true with his perfect marriage proposal.

  • Rob Dyrdek sets the bar high in his proposal to Bryiana Noelle Flores

    Disneyland is a magical place. Rob Drydek took this fact and used it to his advantage in his recent proposal to Bryiana Noelle Flores. It will be hard to top entering a room, on a stage nonetheless, on an elephant and proclaiming that your mate is the most beautiful person ever.

  • It was Romantic yes, but there have been others

    This was a very romantic proposal and it got news coverage because of that reason. But over the years there have been other romantic proposals as well that took place in a public arena. All I can say is in each of these proposals though the men were lucky that the women said yes because it would of been pretty embarassing if they hadn't. But then the men probably went into the proposal pretty confident that they would get a yes other wise its doubtufl they would of chosen such a public and grand display to propose.

  • No, Rob Dyrdek's marriage proposal was not most romantic proposal

    I don't think Rob Dyrdek's marriage proposal to his girlfriend Bryana Noelle Flores belong to one of the most romantic proposals ever. Yes. it was romantic, and in my opinion very much in his style, but for my taste it was a little bit too public. I'm sure she loved it, it just wasn't my 'cup of tea'.

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