• Guilty as sin

    Doesn't love her, Doesn't want to marry her. Goes to dinner, Leaves his gun and goes back to get it. His Wife is in the car with the windows down in chilly weather and comes back to find her dead. Gun is found in dumpster in front of car and he has some gunshot residue on him. He doesn't act like a mournful husband. He knows he did it to get rid of her and raise their daughter.

  • No doubt in my mind

    If you saw the OJ trial and his reaction when found not guilty it’s a body language no brainer. When Robert Blake was found not guilty he acted like he’d won a lottery. That’s the demeanor of the “I got away with it” mentality. Not “Thank God they got it right”. Of course this was just the finality of all the evidence that also pointed to him although mostly circumstantial it was overwhelming in my mind. His testimony in the civil suit showed more compelling evidence again with his demeanor. He wasn’t a good enough actor to keep his cool and lie so he repeatedly blew up and was found guilty. Yes, Robert Blake is a murderer and he got away with it I believe because of his celebrity

  • GUilty as you can be

    Bonnie was a professional con/scam artist porn star who preyed on celebrities and other poor unsuspecting men extorting married men seducing people with her fake boobs and there is no way that it’s a coincidence that in the short period of time when he put her in his parked car to go inside and retrieve the gun he forgot in the booth of the resteraunt she was killed in the parked car in the pitch black parking lot hidden behind dumpster if anyone believes that’s a coincidence then you are gullible and nieve she pushed this man to his breaking point it was only a matter of time someone was going to do something to her

  • Guilty as Sin

    Not enough evidence to show he pulled the trigger BUT he didn't like her/hated her by all accounts, Always lived in a separate residence, Only agreed to marry her so he could have the kid they had together (after a paternity test). They never had a loving relationship. He is recorded as saying he wanted to "snuff" her; two men came forward (stuntmen) to testify that he tried to hire them to do the murder. True - they were eviscerated as not credible - but you do have to wonder why two separate men would come forward and be put on the stand (not fun) to state they were hired as murderers. The prosecution had a tough time proving this case because it was all presented as a blame the victim situation. The victim was no saint but she didn't deserve murder. He got off because he is/was famous and celebrity goes a long way in Hollywood.

  • He's innocent and someone set him up to try to make him take the fall.

    I believe they didn't have the most love filled marriage like a lifetime commitment kind of love but they did have children and I don't believe frail Robert Blake killed his wife he just don't have killer in him I remember saying it as his trial was going on prosecution didn't have any kind of evidence saying he did it I hate how quick they are to make a fake cases against people u know how many innocent people there are behind bars I know they all claim they didn't do it but there is probably 28-47% of inmates are innocent or intrapped prosecutors need those conviction rates so they set up these fake charges and then offer them a deal to plea on so they can secure convictions its said

  • Yes big time

    Married only to gain custody of their daughter. DNA test proved it was his. Not her other lover, the son of Brando. Pre nup stated who ends marriage, loses custody. Plus. Never lived together. Two separate homes on property. Admits today never loved her, she was a con artist. Bodyguards of his testified, not by their choosing, Blake asked them to kill Bonnie. Night of murder, Blake acting nervous in restaurant, out of sorts, threw up. Murdered after 6months married. Bonnie's children stated she was threatened and scared of Blake. Bottom line. He hated her. Wanted sole custody. Never loved her.

  • All signs point to yes

    Unfortunately, all signs seem to point toward Robert Blake's guilt in the murder of his wife, an apparent crime of passion where Blake's only alibi was that he was literally going to his car to get his gun - he couldn't have done it because it wasn't on him! And yet he paints a vivid portrait of psychological abuse, making him something of a bizarre figure for male victims of domestic abuse.

  • Yes, Robert Blake was guilty.

    I believe that Robert Blake was guilty despite being acquitted. I think there was enough evidence to convict him based on the discrepancies in his story as well as some of the other witness testimonies. But like always, it was just a matter of opinion. The jury obviously had a different opinion.

  • Innocent due to lack of evidence

    When the murder occurred in the early 2000's I didn't hear about the murder or trial. I was working a lot of overtime, 80-100 hours per week, And didn't spend much time watching tv. Prior to seeing the 20/20 episode listed on demand I had never heard of the Robert Blake murder trial. I watched the 20/20 episode out of boredom for something to pass the time before bed.

    There was no evidence linking Robert to the murder so the jury did what they were lawfully required to do, Acquit him. Having a hot temper, Possibly not on good terms with his wife and other circumstanstial evidence doesn't prove he killed his wife or had someone do it.

    If having a strained relationship with someone is enough "proof" for a potential murder then that would mean billions of people with strained relationships with family, Friends and co-workers could be accused of being a murder suspect before someone has been killed simply because they don't "get along with someone. "

    Many people in my family, Myself included, Are outspoken, Opinionated, Not afraid to disagree or argue a point. Don't judge a book by it's cover or jump to conclusions. One day it may be you who is the accused and judged based on what people think they know from the outside looking in.

    Reading articles about Robert Blake's trial I came across this one below that with interesting information and other articles on the website about the trial. Https://melodyclark. Livejournal. Com/591. Html

  • Might have arranged her murder.

    Might have contracted her murder but didn't pull the trigger. The victim was a predator herself. May have even arranged deaths of some of her victims so she
    could inherit property. She was not a good person; her cons probably got her killed. She should have been in jail & not killed.

  • I do not think that he was guilty.

    There was no eyewitness. There was no murder weapon established. The jury didn't buy the prosecution's case."

    Jury foreman Thomas Nicholson said prosecutors "couldn't put the gun in his hand" with evidence of gunshot residue or blood on Blake's clothing. Jurors considered the circumstantial evidence against Blake "flimsy" and discounted the testimony of two key prosecution witnesses, he said.

  • Robert Blake is not guilty

    No hard evidence against Robert Blake was found is gun was not the weapon used for the murder in my opinion I think Robert Blake was set up why would he take out his wife to a restaurant and then murder her that does not make any sense Robert Blake should be allowed to live in peace

  • Robert Blake was not guilty of murder

    Not enough evidence against Robert Blake especially his gun which has not been fired I in my opinion I think Robert Blake was set up Why would he murder the mother of his child and also she was not a saint she was a con artist Robert Blake should be allowed to live in peace

  • No, I do not think so.

    The evidence against Robert Blake, in my opinion, was not strong enough to convince me that he was, in fact, a killer. If I am going to weigh judgement on someone, I need to be absolutely convinced. And, like the Jury in this case, I was not convinced enough at all.

  • No Robert Blake was not guilty of murder.

    The jury has spoken Robert Blake was not guilty of murder. The members of the jury in Robert Blake murder trial spent more than 90 days listening to testimony about facts relating to death of Bonnie Black. After 12 days of deliberation the jury return a not guilty verdict. He's not guilty and should be allowed to live in peace.

  • I did not follow the story

    It would not surprise me none if he was guilty. Since I did not follow the story, I will just have to take the juries word on it. I do not know why, after all the controversial stuff going on in the Florida courts. Let just hope they were able to get this one right. I have not heard anything of Robert Blake since. So maybe the jury did get it right.

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