Was "Robocop" (the true original 1987 movie) a good movie?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Robocop was not good, but indeed great.

    Robocop is a finely made and absolutely iconic film. Of course you have to look past the cheesiness of it all, but some of the special effects are actually pretty good. Also, the story line is relatively original and so many wonderful quotes have come out of the movie. Like "I'd buy that for a dollar." How can you not love Robocop?

  • Great Sci-Fi B-Movie

    The original movie is a B-Movie not to be compared with Star Wars / Star Trek / etc. It had a fairly original story line (unlike most of the "recycled toilet paper" movies coming out of Hollywood today) and the actors were better than your average B-Movie actors. It was entertaining but the 2 that followed (Robo Cop 2 & 3) were abominations, especially the 3rd.

    The new version of Robo Cop was an A-Movie with top notch special effects and also good actors (I love Abbie Cornish) and fairly good story. It clearly differs from the original but it also serves as an example of how unoriginal Hollywood is today.

  • The future of law enforcement

    Ahh the days when you didn't need the fake CGI nonsense. I enjoyed the "corniness" of this film. When men were men! Brutal explosions. And who can forget the funny "shooting the ---k off the rapists" scenes. This movie was a hell of a film. Not like the stupid remake.

  • Sort of good.

    I watched all three of the old ones. It was a while ago... At least I think there was three... XD But anyway, they had a cool plot and it was original. But they were also a bit weird and bizarre (ex. Those Asian karate guys who could duplicate were a bit strange, or whatever they were!)

  • At that time it was.

    Sure, by today's standards it may be considered cheesy with poor special effects but at the time it was common for movies to be a bit funny to lighten them up. Also, at the time, it was near the top as far as special effects. When people see old special effects, they also call it corny.
    Obviously it was a good movie, if it wasn't they would not have made sequels.
    Not a big fan of the remakes they have made of some other movies. Though the Batman movies where a bit corny, that was intentional because they came from kids comic books and TV series. The new version is more meant for adult but by the time your an adult, your too old to actually believe in superheros. Same thing with the new Superman, can we talk about his feelings a bit more please? Come on, he might as well have been wearing a skirt to go along with the tights.
    If I wanted to watch an emotional drama I would watch WE tv, or Lifetime.
    I would imagine that the new RoboCop movie will be just as bad if not worse. Well, seeing that most of his anatomy would be replaced with robot parts, at least he would have an excuse to act more girly.

  • Never watched remake

    The first one is still preserved in my memory and is still one of the best things to happen in the 80s. Back when movies did not follow a typical formula and were creative works of their own. It seems a lot of people are forgetting what started the whole "indestructible robot soldier" genre and they take it for granted.

  • As a film, no. It was bad.

    Fans of Robocop, don't even try to act like this is a smart & well made film. We all have guilty pleasures, and this just happens to be one of them for a lot of people. It's fun to watch, it's cheesy, and it's stupid.

    But stop acting like it's this smart & metaphorical film, because it's nothing more than a corny action flick.

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