• Hambleton's testimony fits with the others

    The only people who know the truth about Hambleton's testimony are those directly involved. However, given the situation that had developed up to that point in the case, his testimony is believable. Hambleton's testimony is not the only one that agrees Robert Blake wanted his wife dead. Hambleton also included some of the plan that Blake had created to make this happen.

  • It seemed he was

    The way Ronald Hambleton gave his testimony against Robert Blake did seem very forthright and truthful. I did not see anything to suggest that he was exaggerating or lying. Of course, this is sometimes impossible to tell just as any testimony is because of a variety of factors taking place.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe Ronald Hambleton was truthful in his testimony against Robert Blake. I believe this is likely because his testimony didn't clear him from charges in the incident. I don't think Ronald Hanleton really had any reason to come forward other than wanting to release the truth and get it off his chest.

  • No, Ronald Hambleton was not telling the truth.

    No, Ronald Hambleton was reacting to pressure when he changed his story and spoke out against Robert Blake. The fact that Blake was acquitted does not necessarily mean that he did not commit the crime, but Hambleton's willingness to change his story shows that he was susceptible to outside influences during the case.

  • Ronald Hambleton's pants were on fire.

    Robert Hambleton is a stuntman. I live in Los Angeles and I've worked in the entertainment industry. In my experience, most stuntmen are braggarts, boasters, cheats and liars. I seriously doubt Hambleton's claims against Blake trying to hire him as a hit man to kill his wife. It sounds like the sort of "my hands are a registered lethal weapon" nonsense boasting that got taken too far.

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