• He won the Cold War, lowered tax rates, was anti-union, anti-communist, he gave free enterprise and limited government interaction with businesses.

    Ronald Reagan saved America! He son the Cold War by outspending the pinko commies. He believed that the people would do better if given the freedom to compete and improve their lives. He believed that the right to free capitalism was how everyone made their way and that unions prevented people from getting there. He was friendly, concerned about the well-being of everyone in America. He had charisma, character, and he was teachable and responsible for any mistake he made and was willing to learn how to correct them. He brought down tax rates for all citizens, which increased revenue and allowed citizens to invest more in their country. We led the world with the highest standard of living and an extremely low unemployment rate. He was an honest man who knew that the sanctity of trust, and persistence to see the task finished was what made a good man. He saw everything he started through the end, and corrected it as needed. His famous speech, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" just shows the freedom for all people, justice, and independence everyone deserves. He revived the American economy, and led this great nation with truth, justice, freedom and prosperity. Americans for Reagan!

  • He lowered the tax rates across the board.

    Ronald Reagan was the best president in American history. He came into office during bad economic times and succeeded in lowering taxes across the board and increasing revenue. He led the greatest economic recovery ever!! Unlike other politicians he knew that big government sucks therefore he tried minimizing it in every possible way. Don't forget congress was controlled by the Democrats and they tried stopping him in every way. He believed and valued the Declaration of Independence and ruled according to the Constitution.

  • The Elite

    Although he may have done some risky actions, Reagan was still one of the greatest leaders of our country. Despite the debt he made, the greatest accomplishment he had was that he brought back patriotism, hope, and love to the U.S. through his actions. That is what our country needs now more than ever, so people should be able to relate to his policies and ambitions in that Reagan meant to recreate the love for one's own country.

  • Ronnie was inspring

    As a person who turned voting age during Ronald Reagan’s second term, I was never able to vote for him, but I would have. He was an inspiring leader. Even though some say he was a mere puppet for others in his cabinet, I believe that he had the good of the people in mind for those initiatives that he signed off on.

  • I believe Ronald Reagan was a great president!

    I was not alive during his presidency, but from what I've read and heard of him, he was an extremely strong president. I am not a republican by any means, but he would have my vote. He was good to the people of America and proved to be a legendary man while in power.

  • The Great Communicator

    I don't personally agree with everything that Ronald Reagan did, but I think that he was, overall, a good president. He restored people's faith in America during a time when they really needed it. In addition, he made an attempt to tackle tough issues head-on, even if his methods were not always the best. He was hardly the demigod that some ardent Republicans claim he is, but he was definitely one of the better Presidents of the second half of the 20th century.

  • He was the last "good president" we had.

    Ronald Reagan was in my personal opinion our last good President. Since then we have either had corrupt presidents (Bush, Jr.), well-intentioned Presidents that made some mistakes (Bush Sr and Obama) and one that was more focused on getting laid than leading the country (Clinton). Reagan helped out a lot of people, though he wasn't perfect like most Republicans would like you to think, but he wasn't a terrible President like most Democrats would have you think as well. He was good, not great, but good and that is something America is having a bit of trouble with now a days.

  • The best president the US has ever had!

    Ronald Reagan was by for the best president the United States has ever had. When Reagan took office the economy was one of the double-digit inflation and high interest rates. During his first year in office, Reagan engineered the passage of $39 billion in budget cuts into law, as well as a massive 25 percent tax cut spread over three years for individual, and faster write-offs for capital investment for business.

    Although inflation dropped from 13.5% in 1980 to 5.1% in 1982, a severe recession set in, with unemployment exceeding 10% in October, 1982 for the first time in forty years. The administration modified its economic policy after two years by proposing selected tax increases and budget cuts to control rising deficits and higher interest rates. After the 1982 downturn, the reduced inflation rate (under 5% for the remainder of the administration) sparked record economic growth, and produced one of the lowest unemployment rates in modern U.S. history (unemployment hit a 14 year low in June of 1988). As Reagan left office, the nation was experiencing its sixth consecutive year of economic prosperity.

    Reagan led the battle for a Social Security reform bill designed to ensure the long-term solvency of the system...

    Reagan encouraged the development of "private sector initiatives" as well as federalism, with the objective of transferring from the federal government some of the responsibilities believed to be better served by private business or state and local government.

    At the heart of Reagan's foreign policy was the prevention of communist expansion.

    When Ronald Reagan became president, he had a clear vision of what the nation should be and spelled out the direction he hoped it would take during his administration. Reagan had a clear social, economic, and foreign policy agenda, and with political guile and personal persuasiveness he was able to achieve many of his goals.

  • He was Great!

    Ronald Reagan single-handedly bankrupted the Soviet Union. He won the cold war without even firing a single shot. He also knows how to deal with "protesters". On top of all that he was also hilarious. All in all Ronald Reagan has gone down as one of the best Presidents of all time.

  • Wonderful Leader, And President.

    Ronald Reagan's tough stance on communism helped cause the soviet union to collapse. He created jobs for Americans, And dug the country out of the hole that previous presidents had put them in. Ronald Reagan was willing to realize that our country is a Christian country. When Thomas Jefferson cited separation of church and state, He was writing to a church to let them know the their faith would not be interfered with by the government.

  • Average, at the very, very best.

    I have no clue how Reagan ranks so high in polls. This is a guy who violated the very aspect of his economic theory that he receives so much praise for. After the first 5 years of his presidency, he raised taxes on high-income earners, and expanded the size of the federal government by 100%. Not to mention how he handled the Social Security fund. Sure, he wanted to reduce payment into it, but he borrowed the entire fund itself, to pay for who knows what. He exited with a national debt that was almost 4 trillion dollars higher than when he entered, advocated an incredibly flawed economic method, increased defense spending, stole-- sorry, "borrowed" the entire Social Security fund, and was a weak diplomat in foreign policy. Anybody else who would trade arms and ammunition with the enemy in return for the hostages would have been generally branded as a coward, and rightly so. Increase spending on the military after you've supplied the enemy with weapons and ammo? Come on. Also, he just so happened to get very, very lucky in the ending of the Cold War. There was no way Russia could have afforded to keep up with the Americans, and fight off the Afghans at the same time. So, weak economically, weak on foreign policy, and weak mentally. I don't get why he's so special.

  • I'm not rich.

    Ronald Reagan was perhaps the most corrupt politician of my lifetime, which began in 1979. He came into a bad situation, and cut taxes across the board, which sounds good, but really is just taking away money from ourselves. He destroyed Granada, for no reason, because he failed in Cambodia, which was a situation he was advised not to get involved in anyways. After slashing taxes, he started borrowing from China, which created the problems we have today with debt. He ended up raising taxes 12 times, because he realized without taxes, a government can't exist. He traded weapons for hostages. Over 100 members of his presidency were indicted and convicted of crimes that occurred while he was in office. He didn't win the cold war, the USSR ran out of money. And by giving money to the rich and taking from the poor, he created the stock market crash of 87. I could go on, but I'm getting angry.

  • Ronald Reagan was not a good president.

    Ronald Reagan's economic plan was to keep the rich rich. And so by putting more money on the table of the wealthy, some might fall off the table for others. As one can see, America falls into a deep recession where unemployment is greater than ten percent and the national debt triples.

  • He was pretty terrible

    His economic policy was terrible. Trickle down has never worked and it will never work. He cut taxes more than any other president, which isn't a good thing. The US needed to keep those high taxes to finance all that he spent. He was the president that started gaining the national debt and it hasn't stopped since. He spent nearly a trillion dollars on defense. His idea of "star wars" was a complete failure and wasted tons of money. He did bring an end to the Cold War but it was already ending, it would have ended if he wasn't in office.

  • Being president is a tough job requiring an excellent brain and sound judgement.

    My opinion is that Reagan was not very bright. He got by on "good old boy" techniques. The difference between Reagan's mental abilities and say, for example, Clinton's mental abilities is staggering. Having Reagan as president was terrifying and embarassing. Are mental midgets like Reagan and Bush Jr. The best a country like the USA can do. Seems so.

  • Terrible president, terrible conservative.

    He was absolutely terrible, especially as a conservative. He amassed more debt than his predecessors (tripling it during his 8 years in office), raised taxes on the majority of American (making use of a COMPLETELY debunked system of economic policy), his tax policies caused outsourcing of American jobs to become a VERY acceptable idea (increasing unemployment from 7.5% to almost 9%), gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants (something the right is against), screwed up the whole Iran/Contra thing, and funded Al-Queda. He was absolutely the worst president of the modern age, ESPECIALLY if you have a right winged view. So why is it conservatives praise him like he's second only to Jesus Christ?

  • He Was Horrible

    His view was confusing on African Americans, cause the unemployment rate to the sky, inflation was still high, decided to fire air traffic controllers with the military which was a disaster, decided to outsource jobs, and caused the 1987 stock market crash. He was incompetent in knowing that you MUST slowly cut taxes, even everything in life must be dealt with slowly.

  • Just one thing.

    Ronald Reagan did cut tax rates, primarily for the upper class, but yes, even for the middle and lower classes, but only for the first year he was in office. For the following SEVEN years in his term he continued to raise taxes more and more each year, focused heavily on those who need money the most, the middle and lower classes.

  • He supported many foreign policy measures that were absurd.

    He sent troops all around the world, and supported many foreign dictators. And he couldn't pay for it due to tax cuts. The debt went into the trillions under him.

    Regarding his economic policies, a lot of his policies damaged the economy did. Unlike Bill Clinton (whom we were running surpluses under), his policies damaged the economy in the long term.

  • It's Obvious Really

    America went from being the biggest creditor nation to being the biggest debtor nation under Reagan's watch. He could have ended all nuclear weapons but was so blinded by Star Wars that he let the chance go. He set up the mujahideen to be in a position to attack the US by funnelling Billions to them in the belief that they wouldn't attack anyone bar the Soviets. He was all short term focus and thought nothing about the longer term impact of his actions. How many governments did his administration have a hand in 5, 10? The man thought the world was a movie stage an treated as such

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