Was Ronald Reagan the greatest president of the 20th century?

  • We need another Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan was the last DO SOMETHING president since Donald Trump. Reagan made us feel proud to be Americans, (unlike Obama). Reagan ended the Cold War an achievement no other president could do! He healed America after Carter's 4 years of pretty much fail. In a way President Trump is our new Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest speakers in American history. We should all be proud Americans! I know I am!

  • The cold war was ended because of his political decisions and his economic success which overpowered the Soviet economy

    Ronald Reagen is the third greatest republican President behind only Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. In modern times, The division of the United States is large but a good leader in the oval office could change that. Obama was not able to do that because of racial problems and Trump thrives on hatred and division. If you take a look at the map of Ronald Reagans second term, America is dominated by Republicans. It was not about which party won the election, It was about which President won. That is the point of the Presidential election being different from the House of Representatives and the Senate. I am not saying that nothing bad happened while he was in office. The white supremacy over black people was still there and the American government still punished the Native people. No government is perfect, But since Reagan no administration has been able to do what he did. While currently, Because of a mix of Obama and Trumps financial plans, The economy is doing well, The Reagen administration is leaps and bounds ahead of any other President. Most famous and respected Presidents had to fight in wars and Reagen was no exception. Reagen won the longstanding cold war with the Soviet Union.

  • The Greatest of All Time

    If you have not visited President Reagan's Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, You definitely should. Being able to fully learn about the history of what exactly he did is truly empowering, And you feel an incredible sense of patriotism and faith when you are there. Even though President Reagan was before my time, It is still clear that he is the greatest President ever when you are able to fully view all of the unbiased facts about what he actually did for this great country.

  • A True American!

    Reagan oversaw tremendous economic growth, The creation of 16 million jobs, And was a major figure during the collapse of the Soviets, Among other accomplishments. But most importantly, He restored faith in not only the Republican Party, But in America, By being a true patriot who believed in his country

  • Of Course He Was

    He ended the Cold War by peace threw strength, Ended the Soviet Union and tore down the Berlin Wall. His economic policies were great by tax cuts to cutting regulations. He also put the American worker first. He is only behind George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Great overall American President.

  • 100% defiantly yes

    Ended the cold war. Had an 8 year economic boom. Never got into war. Held christian family values. Was a great communicator. Just a great man in general. He was the man who really lived the american dream to it's fullest potentially and he loved the nation so so much.

  • Without a doubt.

    President Reagan's policies brought us out of stagflation that we had been in for nearly two decades. Oversaw a rise the economy and created millions of jobs. He also restored faith in America and patriotism. The National Geographic Channel had a three part documentary called (The 80's the decade that made us). It really shows how so many entrepenuers created the things we enjoy today like PC's, Cellphones, home entertainment like the VCR and so many other things that not only America, but most of the world enjoy today. He had vision enough to see that the Soviet Union was a country that was rotting from within. He knew that there was no way that socialism could possibly keep up with capitalism in a military buildup.

  • Morning in America.

    Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War, oversaw the collapse of the Soviet Union, promoted deregulation, shrunk the size of the federal government, promoted supply-side economics, saw 16 million new job creations, experienced a boom in the stock market, and strengthened the Republican Party. Not only is Ronald Reagan the greatest President in the 20th century, but he was the greatest President in American history.

  • Reagan was the Shit

    He created 16 million jobs, cut taxes for everyone, and understood that we should see the safety of our own first than others. Ronald Reagan saw the problem in big government. He was also charismatic with many great quotes that were either funny or true. Ronald Reagan was the best.

  • Well no duh...

    Of course he was! The only "arguments" against Reagan are nonsensical liberal talking points, silly myths like "trickle down" and that ilk. Reagan is most definitely the LAST great president we've had thus far, by a mile. Slick WIllie was only good for saving his own bacon by moving from the left to the center after getting shellacked in '94. The Bushes are worthless, and Obama doesn't even register on any positive chart.

  • Reagan was one of the worst presidents

    He bogged the US down in many proxy wars (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Afghanistan). Reagan provided large amounts of support to Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. Not to mention the Iran-Contra Scandal where arms were traded for US hostages and weapons and support were given to right-wing death squads in Nicaragua (Contras). At the best he was ignorant this was being done in his administration. He also turned the US from a creditor to a debtor nation and exploded the national debt due the massive increases in military spending

  • Because of Reagan the United States is the only country to have been convicted of Terrorism by the World Court

    Reagan support for brutal military dictators cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Latin American lives. He supported totalitarian regimes instead of semi liberal governments that made lives decent in the developing world. Reagan only created corporate loops holes and ended up raises taxes on the middle and lower classes, and tripled the national deficit. He escalated the War on Drugs and is now responsible for the most racists domestic policy in American History since jim crow. He vetoed the embargo against south Africa despite the apahrtide. He was able to create a persona of charisma and patriotism but was a terribel president when the facts are examined

  • Reagan should have been impeached!

    Best president? When I saw this poll I nearly laughed. How could you say that halfwit was anything other than the dumbest modern president till George W. Bush? He destroyed corporate regulations, smashed labor unions, and did all he could to annihilate welfare. After that idiot and Bush no.1, thank God for Bill Clinton.

  • No, he was terrible.

    Ronald Reagan was a terrible president, and surely not the best one of the 20th century. That's like asking if a McDonald's hamburger is the greatest cuisine in New York City. Ronald Reagan sent the United States in a financially unstable direction and is directly responsible for the income equality we see today.

  • No Ronald Reagan was not the greatest president of the 20th century

    There are many of Reagan's policies, that today are negatively impacting society. He was not the greatest president because many elders do not speak highly of him. Additionally, there are a lot of jokes and humor that have risen in light of Reagan's policies. I think Bill Clinton has been the greatest president thus far as he attempted to tackle large issues such as welfare reform and health care reform. Reagan's policies did not address a lot of the issues that America is dealing with now today.

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