Was Rosa Parks' death mourned just as much as Nelson Mandella's?

Asked by: themohawkninja
  • Rosa Parks was recognized

    Rosa Parks was recognized in the US as solemnly as Nelson Mandela's was in South Africa, and there was definitely the proper level of respect shown to her. Rosa Park lied in state in the Capitol Building in Washington and was honored and commemorated by every level of government here.

  • No I don't think so.

    She shouldn't have been. Rosa Parks was a marginal figure in human history. She is important mainly to Black Americans. In that group she's mainly important to Baby Boomers. Her greatest suffering was walking to work. Mandela was a globally renowned spokesman for human rights. He spent his entire life in prison for his beliefs. The one he was in makes our prisons look like country clubs. He rose to be president of a country that once dehumanized him.

  • She's important, but Mandela had more of an impact

    Both Parks and Mandela are important figures in the civil rights movement in their respective countries. However, Mandela suffered far more, and did more to help attain equality. Rosa Parks was arrested for a short time. Mandela was imprisoned for 25 years, and would have been there for the rest of his life. Later he was elected president and worked to help blacks gain equal rights to the whites, and continued to help his country for many years. So while Rosa Parks has become a symbol for the American Civil Rights Movement, Mandela's work spanned over decades and he became a world leader.

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