• Yes he was.

    He was arrested last week after he said he and his wife had an argument and she ended up dead in their home from multiple injuries. He didn't admit to the murder, but he did say they were arguing. He was arrested for her murder, but we will see if they have enough evidence to officially charge him

  • Yes,Russell Neal was arrested for murder.

    Yes,Russell Neal was arrested for murder..the reasons as follow:first:Cops say Catherine Martinez died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds;second:they have two children,and Law enforcement sources say there were no witnesses to the murder so it appears the children were not in the apartment when their mom was killed.And more ,the Neal faced various charges throughout the year including DWI, marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and driving with an invalid license with previous convictions.

  • Hi-Five singer Russell Neal charged with murder after his model wife is found stabbed to death in their apartment

    Former Hi-Five singer Russell Neal, 40, has been charged with murder after his model wife was found stabbed to death in their Houston apartment.
    The former member of chart-topping 1990s boy band was arrested Wednesday 2nd July 2014 after bursting into a Texas police station and telling police his wife was dead and he needed a lawyer.
    Authorities found 24-year-old Catherine Martinez, who has two sons, dead from apparent stab wounds and blunt force trauma. Neal is currently in custody on a $100,000 bond. So yes he was arrested for murder.

  • Another case of guilty until proven innocent.

    When did turning yourself in for questioning turn into being arrested for murder? The lead singer of the '90s group Hi-Five turned himself into police on July 2nd to answer questions surrounding the discovery of the singer's dead wife. The singer invoked his right to counsel after being read his rights, which has started a firestorm of speculators to believer that the singer has some involvement in his wife's death. Until charges have been filed against the singer, it is safe to assume Russell has not been arrested.

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