Was Salvador Allende's tense relationship with the Chilean Congress to blame for his eventual downfall?

  • Yes, Salvador Allende brought about his own demise

    In order to be an effective leader one must be open to discussion, cooperation, and compromise. This is not to say a leader should be a "pushover," but he or she should avoid combative actions that could lead to stalemate responses. Salvador Allende made the mistake of being too rigid in his views, leading to a negative relationship with the Chilean Congress. By adding to the tension of the political atmosphere during a time when teamwork was vital in providing a rapid and effective response to the needs of the people, Allende struck the match that would eventually send his career and demands down in flames.

  • Yes It Was

    I believe Salvador Allende's tense relationship with the Chilean Congress was to blame for his eventual downfall. A politician can not do much without support and if that support is not received they will eventually fail all together. This is common in the political realm and it doesn't always happen to those that deserve it.

  • It made it hard to work

    I think that Salvador Allende's tense relationship with the Congress did at least help to create what would become his downfall. He was held in a very high regard politically, but when you can't seem to compromise or get along with the ruling body, then there were issues created that led to his downfall.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, I think that this is what made him end up going down and not getting to keep his spot in the government there. I think that he needed to make a lot better friends in the congress there so that he could make sure he got to stay in.

  • Salvador Allende's downfall was based on a myriad of factors

    Salvador Allende was a democratically elected Marxist - something totally unknown to most of the world's political systems. He had the support of the masses but was unable to work effectively with most of his country's institutions. It was not merely his tense relationship with the Congress that caused problems.

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