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  • No, it was a tragedy that actually took place.

    Sandy Hook was a national tragedy in which the lives of many children were lost. The fact that those innocent children had to lose their lives in their own school, which they must have considered a safe haven, makes the entire incident even more deplorable. Questioning the authenticity of Sandy Hook is an insult to the memory of those who lost their lives that day.

  • Why would it be?

    The idea that the tragedy at Sandy Hook was just a hoax is absolutely absurd. There were real people who lost their lives that day, and there are families who still grieve for the loss of their loved ones. There is no reason to believe it was all made up, and there are many witnesses and loved ones that can attest to the reality of what happened.

  • Sandy Hook was not a hoax

    Sandy Hook was not a hoax and you are an absolute idiot if you believe that. Ultimately, the shooting was a national tragedy. Did the government just fake the bodies? Or the grief of the families? That was all an elaborate act by the government, that mad e its policies look very bad intentnionally to strip away your guns. Ridiculous notion, if you ask me.

  • It would be repulsive to suggest otherwise

    It was real and people need to start accepting that. I feel that is highly irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Innocent lives were lost in this national tragedy and the ultimate tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook would be to finally put substantive work in Congress to make changes to the present gun laws in the United States. Unless this happens, expect more tragedies to take place in thee future.

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