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  • Saturns Were Not Very Good Vehicles

    Saturn was a part of General Motors, but the vehicles produced under the Saturn name were significantly different from other GM products. They had weaker parts, smaller brakes and tended to be more easily breakable. As a mechanic, one of the only times I have ever seen a brake rotor completely shatter was on a Saturn because they were made so small and weak that if someone didn't have the brakes replaced on time they were likely to have a complete failure. Other GM products and the products of other manufacturers are much more durable and reliable.

  • Saturn never was a very profitable company

    I have never seen to this day a person enjoying a saturn car. Anyone who had it, which would anyway be rare, would hate the car. It got terrible mpg and the logo is hilarious too. I always get a good laugh whenever I see someone with a saturn car.

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