Was "Seinfeld" anti-white (anti-Nordic/anti-Israeli)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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Adam2isback says2015-07-17T20:29:10.637
There were several times where it seems the show tends to be racist. It may not have been done on purpose, but everytime a Nordic-looking character (small eyes, thin or no lips, pasty pale skin) was on the show, they were always a bad guy.
1) The bald convict in the "Airport" episode who tries to victimize George because he refuses to be bullied for his magazine.
2) Timmy in the "Implant" episode who tries to hurt George because he dipped his chip "the wrong way."
3) The moyle in the "Bris" episode who tries to bully Jerry and Elaine.
4) Even Kruger is shown as an ass, but he's German, so he don't really count.
Adam2isback says2015-07-17T20:31:14.347
In the "Implant" George's girlfriend is so stuck up that she blames him as an "uppity troublemaker" and kicks him out (it might be implied she thinks lowly of non-whites). She's white looking herself.
Adam2isback says2015-07-17T20:31:24.917
She blames him for the double dip incident