• Yes, Seth MacFarlane has proved that he is a very funny guy who can consistently draw a large audience.

    Seth MacFarlane seemed relaxed in his role of Oscar host. He had a good share of funny moments, and did well enough with his singing acts. He drew a larger, younger audience, with which I'm sure the Academy was pleased. I would have preferred more musical acts that included the likes of Jack Black, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell. The evening wasn't without its shortcomings. For instance, the bit with William Shatner seemed stale. His hosting was a decent first-run, and I think he would do even better a second time around.

  • He did really well.

    Brilliant at satire. People chose not to see it so they can start a debate on misogyny. There is always something that critics will be offended by, and I don't think Seth would be bothered by any of this negativity anyway, it's what he lives for. If a debate has started, then he did his job!

  • Yes, He's A Funny Guy

    I would say Seth MacFarlane was one of the better awards show hosts. He still cannot top Ricky Gervais, in terms of being both funny and caustic at the same time. Still, that being said, it's hard to keep an awards show consistently entertaining. Quite often, they are way too long.

    Posted by: rpr
  • He Did A Good Job

    I think that Seth MacFarlane was a pretty good Oscar Host. He was funny, charismatic, and did very well in my opinion. I hope they let his host the Oscars again in the near future. MacFarlane was much better than some of the other more recent people that hosted the awards.

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