Was Shkreli's one million dollar donation to a school he did not graduate from just a way to flaunt his money?


    Martin Shkreli is just another typical one percenter exploiting the other ninety nine percent anyway which way he can. This donation (paid for by money he has exploited from his victims) is completely self serving to benefit himself. I can not wait for the karma he so much deserves comes his way.

  • Support education always

    There is no bad way to support any kind of education. It's not important from where money comes, as long as it goes to good cause. Children education is one of the most important causes. Shkreli probably has good intention, to help other children graduate. It is a good use of money.

  • Yup, looks like flaunting to me

    This guy is schemer, arrogant and strikes me like a type of guy who has to get his word last by ANY means necessary, with no respect to human life and health, let alone laws and basic decency. Considering his outrageous move and stance on skyrocketing the price of that crucial drug, just because he could (!) I can see a patter that he also did that to the school, now that he could. I hope he get jail big time. P.S. This is exactly the kind of person that would "... serve as chairman of the board of directors of the National Albanian American Council, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Albanians and promotes peace and economic development for human rights in the Balkans.[89][90] He continued in this role as of 2014." Money grabbing, drug-traffickers funding, scum.

  • Donating to education should never be questioned.

    I honestly am unaware of who Shkreli is and as to watch his full fortune is, but, regardless, I find this noble. I also find it unnecessary that we're focusing on whether he's flaunting his money or not. If I were to have this amount of money available to me, I would most likely not donate it to the school I graduated from as they are very well funded. I would prefer to donate it to a school that actually needs it or that would focus on using it towards education as opposed to athletics.

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