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  • No, but it was a precursor.

    Sid Caesar can not be compared to the Saturday Night Live style of comedy because each is distinct and relates to what humor was/is in its own time. But certainly he was a precursor today's ironic and improv humor that delights audiences now. We are more free to deal with topics that would have been taboo for him.

  • Sid Caesar not as good because the writers for him are short staffed

    SNL has strengths in that it has alot of history doing a certain kind of quality of comedy. It is like a good recipe, such as the recipe for Coca Cola, being just enough slapstick, raciness, and lewd jokes. Sid Caesar differs in that his approach is considered person centric, whereas SNL is better due to being City Centric.

  • A great show

    No, his comedy style was not better that Saturday Night Live at all. Saturday night live has been around for a very long time, and knows how to put skits together that will hit good punch lines and be understood by viewers, which makes it such a popular show on today.

  • No, Saturday Night Live was better

    When you pit any comedy style against Saturday night live, it is almost impossible to find anything that's better. The scripted stuff was brilliant, as was the improv. Also, they had some of the best modern-day comedians come through that show. It was a who's who of brilliant comics who make that show great.

  • It didn't resonate with people.

    No, Sid Caesar's comedy style was not better than Saturday Night Live, because people did not connect to it like they do with Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live just has better content, probably because they have more writers and a bigger budget. Sid's comedy, by comparison, was a bit flat. SNL has much more entertainment value.

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