• Yes, I believe so.

    It was creepy. It keeps you on edge. Everyone can make a movie about the world blowing up due to aliens, but it takes a skilled director to do it revolving around a small family with no idea what's going on. It shows that everything happens for a reason, and that its always best to be together as a family.

  • It was scary

    But not in the usual way. It was more disturbing in nature. I believe the movie goes in two halves. The first half is just a regular family trying to make sense of strange things happening, but it's relatively peaceful for the most part. The most that happens is a chase Graham and Merrill have trying to ward off an unknown being seen on the roof of a barn in the early hours of the morning, presumibly. Yes we see news of crop circles, but nothing too big. It starts to change a little when we see strange lights in the sky over Mexico, but even then it's mostly peaceful. The real dread and fear begins when we see reports that a bird crashed into an invisible forcefield (the UFOs) in the sky. It's in this scene that the second half begins and it turns pretty frightening. The cool thing though is that they board up and they are united together against an enemy. It's reassuring to know that they will be alright and they're safe in their basement. I love the basement scene. It gives me a feeling of security.

  • M. Night Shyamalan is terrible

    Just about the only good movie he did was 6th Sense and it was all down hill after that! Recap:

    The Sixth Sense, 10, great movie and didn't see it coming till the very end.

    Unbreakable, 6, OK movie but plot was mediocre.

    The Village, 3, bad movie with more fake tension and ridiculous reveal, saw it coming a mile away; I walked out of the movie,

    Signs, 5, less than OK movie, all that tension for a stupid reveal is annoying and a total let down; thankfully I did not see it at the theater because I learned my lesson from The Village. At this point I promised myself to NEVER see another Shyamalan movie at the theater.

    Lady in the Water, 3, another terrible movie with a pointless story line; watched on cable, lesson learned!

    The Happening, 5, another OK movie that gets a 5 because I found some "fake tension" scenes hilarious! Another cable watcher.

    The Last Airbender, 6, decent movie but mostly geared for kids; can't for the life of me figure out why they went with a westerner when the character is supposed to be Asian.

    Devil, 6, decent movie but not that scary; still wont see one of his movies in the theater.

    After Earth, 5?, OK movie, never finished watching it; fell asleep.

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