Was "Silent Warnings" more disturbing than "Signs"?

Asked by: Adam2
  • In "Signs" you tend to be on guard, emotionally, a little more

    In "Signs," we have the family together for most of the movie, and their need to be together to survive is definitely shown in the last 45 minutes (when they board up their house to keep the aliens from entering). There is a sense of safety. In "Silent Warnings," that's not the case. We have a group of characters that don't know what is going on even into 2/3s of the film. It's only when it's too late that they start to realize something's wrong. The hot moments of the film, yeah, lolz, are inadvertently disturbing. The reason being that it's sorta distraction, emotionally. The movie is scary, the director figures, let's thrown in some passionate kissing and sex and the emotional moments with the chick talking to the guy about the sad moments of life. In this movie we have disturbing murders (that we don't find in "Signs," with the exception of Isabelle the dog). At least in "Signs," half way into the movie the family is aware of what's happening and they act accordingly. The characters in "Silent Warnings" are (1) not together at all times and (2) disturbing unaware of what's happening until the last 20 - 25 minutes of the film. Michelle Borth's character is naive as well, which scared me to say the least. She actually believe, much like Morgan in "Signs," that the aliens are friendly. Though she is completely naive to the point that it almost got her killed. Morgan at least knows by the time they see the 240 lights in the sky that the aliens are hostile. Also they made a wise choice -- the water didn't actually kill the aliens in "Signs," so moving to the lake would not have done anything. It was the tap in Bo's water that was poisonous to the aliens. In "Silent Warnings," scarily enough three of the friends die. And worse we see UFOs (which did a lot to instill fear of alien abductions when I was a kid), which we never see in "Signs," thus giving that movie an even bigger of security. In "Signs," we see UFOs on TV and in a book, but never near the sanctity of their home and farm (it would change with their farm towards the evening of the invasion, but they're in their house boarded up and safe). To me "Silent Warnings" was a little more disturbing, however I will say the aliens in "Silent Warnings" are less creepier and more cartoonish in nature. Lol

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