• It's called the 13th amendment.

    To directly quote the constitution, which by the way we as Americans hold as the highest forms of law and human rights, the 13th Amendment says "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... Shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." If that's not the legal end to slavery then I can't say anything ever will be.

  • Really people come on

    Yes, slavery was ended legally and its a disgrace to America that some people believe it should be reinstated. Like come on people. This is why America is going down, people like Arnold_Benjaman. Slavery infringes on basic human rights such as: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Stop being a bigot.

  • Slavery should be re-instated

    Slavery was not ended legally, and should be re-instated. The blacks in hood are as rampageous as ever, and should be sold down south ($100 dollars should be reasonable). Imagine if we had allowed gay marriage through a war! But nobody supports homosexual rights so the gays would be far outnumbered. Anyways, I believe that we should still have slavery until Congress passes a law that bans it LEGALLY (which may not happen, since we will have Donald Trump as president, and he will veto it and make the darker monkeys suffer). The KKK will be back and stronger than ever.

  • Too Slavery or Not to Slavery?

    Slavery was great, Slavery is natural. People differ, and we must expect that those who are superior in a certain way—for example, in intelligence, morality, knowledge, technological prowess, or capacity for fighting must enslave those who lack that intelligence (Slaves). Abraham Lincoln was a bad president and should be lynched, a la Hillary.

  • No no no

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  • My powerful opinion

    I think that the blacks should be horribly punished for all of the terrible things they have done to our whites. They hold us back. A solution to this problem is to reinstate slavery but make it 1000% for cruel. Putting them in barrels full of nails and rolling them down a hill, and hanging them from trees by their smallest toes will be leisure compared to what shall cum.

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