Was Slavery in the US Constituion? Did our Founding Fathers want to maintain it?

Asked by: NelsonKnows
  • The three-fifths compromise...

    Whilst the U.S. Constitution didn't explicitly institutionalize slavery, some of the founding fathers did support it. Also, the three-fifths rule was a discriminatory clause as it counted slaves as only 'three-fifths of a person.' It doesn't help to simply deny the truth or deny history: many of the founding fathers were patriarchal, aristocratic and simply corrupt. They American revolution wasn't about the struggle against 'tyranny' it was the uprooting one oligarchy and replacing with another.

  • Slavery was never protected by the US Constituion.

    I've heard many ingnorant people say that slavery was "...In the US Consitution". Slavery NEVER was a Contitutionaly protected institution. In fact, the word slavery was first introduced into the US Consitution with the 13th Amendment. It was first mentioned in the 13th amendment so as to not be ambiguous about what is being banned. And to clearly specify that you can not engage in the act of slavery or slave trade.
    I've also heard, many times, how our Founding Fathers endorsed slavery amd wanted to ensure the right to own slaves. This is absurb and goes against the fact that the majority of them found slavery abhorent. Our founders would have outlawed slavery with the initial drafting of the US Consitution, but the Southern Democrats would not have joined the Union if slavery or indentured servititude was limited, or prohibited, in any way.

  • No-slavery was banned in the Constitution but Yes, some of our Founding Fathers wanted to maintain it.

    December 1865 marks the passing of the 13th Amendment of the Constitution which abolished slavery. The South was not on board for this decision and opposed the Amendment, due to their want to own slaves. Before the Civil War it was unclear where the balance of power was, and in January 1877 the last of the Northern Occupation troops withdrew from the South...So after years of a Civil War followed by even more years of occupation, people just threw in the towel as far as fighting for African American Civil Rights. This plunged African Americans back into a state of oppression for nearly 100 more years.

  • All men created equal.

    It says all men are created equal. This was a way for the founding fathers, who knew there was going to be a war over slavery, to postpone the coming war so that the U.S could focus on beating the British in the War for Independence. They left it at that because, fighting two wars at once would be disastrous. The three-fifths compromise was suggested by Ben Franklin so that the South wouldn't be completely mad, and could save their anger for later. Slavery was always meant to be abolished.

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Jack_D says2015-06-06T07:29:28.373
Sorry, I cannot vote, it just will not submit my reply. The answer is yes,
They didn't the word, but it's clear to anyone with a pulse/brain what this sentence refers to: No person held to service or labor in one state, under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due..

The Constitution also expressly prohibited the Congress from abolishing the International Slave Trade until 1808. We may be embarrassed that are our forefathers protected slavery, but pretending otherwise serves no purpose. And it's intellectually dishonest.