Was Snowden a traitor for revealing the information about the NSA?

  • He said too much.

    Yes, Snowden was a traitor for revealing the information about the NSA, because he went way beyond just whistle blowing to the rest of us about the domestic spying. He said things that he shouldn't have, that gave away vital secrets about our national security. He was a true spy and a national traitor.

  • He Broke the Law

    Anyone who breaks the law and commits a felony as Snowden did is in anyone's sane mind a complete and total traitor. He becomes even more of a traitor when he sought political asylum in Russia, where he is likely selling and/or giving American secrets to the Russian Government .

  • Snowden telling it like it is

    I have no problem for what Snowden did. I know there information that we as a nation have no clue about and probably better of not knowing. However we should be able to know almost anything that we would like to know. I think it is wrong that the government does hid a lot from us. So I can't blame Snowden doing what he did because people want to know what they can.

  • Snowden is a criminal but far from a traitor.

    Edward Snowden intentionally broke the law in several ways. Personally, the information that he revealed was startling and disconcerting. I am glad that I had an opportunity to be informed of the NSA activities. Still, if everyone decided to follow Mr. Snowden's lead, the potential for chaos would be great.

    No one is above the law. Ed has earned his name on a court docket. He is a criminal; but, his proclaimed motivations and the information which he revealed brand him, in my eyes, as more a concerned citizen than a traitor to the nation.

    The world is a dangerous place; but, liberty is a fragile creation. Our Founding Father, themselves branded as traitor to British rule, defied law and order so that justice could climb to greater heights. Snowden may not be such a heroic soul; but ultimately, his crime has served to invigorate the age old debate of individual liberty over the needs of the State.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe Snowden was a traitor for revealing the information about the NSA. I think he was doing a favor for the American public and the world in general. Snowden revealed information that many had asserted was a possibility. These things went from controversial tales to known truths and I think that was important. The US government should realize this and drop charges against him. His return, uncharged, should be allowed.

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