• To A Degree

    The Ted Bundy case is unique given the fact that he could have been stopped much earlier had people been doing their jobs properly. In this way, I have to say that Ted Bundy's crimes were partially due to society and society should take a part of the blame. I think this is important because we can't grow and learn from these experiences if we don't take responsibility.

  • No, I don't think society is to blame for Ted Bundy's crimes in any way.

    I think Ted Bundy made the decision in his own mind to murder those people and it's not the fault of society. There are probably hundreds of different factors that go into what drives a person to do something like that but in the end it's his own decision not societies.

  • No it wasn't.

    I do not think that society was to blame for Ted Bundy's crimes in any way. It was Ted Bundy himself who was responsible. We all have issues in our lives, our parents and teachers may not treat us fairly and many bad things may happen. A murder has only themselves to blame.

  • No, society cannot be blamed for having borne a serial killer.

    I do not believe sociopaths and serial killers are created. I believe there is something broken in them when they are born that allows them to enjoy causing pain and suffering without feeling any remorse. Sometimes these individuals start by torturing small animals at a very young age. I do not think society failed Ted Bundy. I think some day science will find why some people are capable of such crimes.

  • No, society isn't to blame for Ted Bundy's crimes.

    I do not believe that society should be blamed in any way for the crimes of the serial killer Ted Bundy. I think that Ted Bundy was an adult who knew what he was doing, but because of certain mental defects, couldn't help himself. His actions are his own fault.

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