• Yes, Stalin was worse

    Stalin was worse, now Hitler served for the benefit of one nation, his own nation. He killed with judging while Stalin killed whoever he wants and whenever he wants. Stalin did not give even a religious freedom, Stalin killed for just faiths, Stalin killed people who respects traditions of his nationality, as far as I remember he was georgian, as a Georgian, Stalin did not respect his own traditions, beliefs. Even more, he killed people who believes in one religion, Stalin killed people who respects traditions and e.T.C

    yes, Hitler did also kill but he was not like Stalin.

  • Yep that he was!

    Everyone agrees Stalin killed more people than Hitler.
    Hitler was very kind to his own people.
    Stalin gave his people hell.
    When Hitler's army marched into Soviet territory, the civilians of the soviet welcomed the army as Liberators.
    Stalin turned his own people into cannibals by causing man made famine.

  • Yes based on death toll, both same ideologically.

    Based on death toll, yes.
    * Stalin killed 20 million Soviets under his regime, via death camps, man-made famine, executions etc
    * Hitler killed 10 - 12 million people, in Germany and Eastern Europe, in death camps, executions etc

    Ideologically, both are equal, reasons being:
    Both imprisoned/slaughtered people simply because of the demographic group/s they belonged to, whom Hitler's or Stalin's regime hated or saw as a "threat" to them. These people were usually sent to labor death camps to be worked, tortured and starved to death.
    * With Hitler, they are Jews, other non-German/"non-Aryan" peoples like Slavs & Gypsies, social groups he didn't like homosexuals and Jehovah Witnesses, the handicapped, political dissidents, POWs.
    * With Stalin, he killed Ukrainians, sent ethnic minorities & religious communities to labor camps like Volga Germans, Tatars, Mongolians, religious Orthodox Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, of whom millions died. Stalin also killed political dissidents, socio-economic groups like the former middle- & upper-class etc
    *Both brainwashed their people. Both had pervasive propaganda departments.
    *Both had tightly controlled, tightly watched police states. Human rights non-existent.
    *Both were imperialist. Hitler - expand into East Europe as "Lebensraum" at expense of those people. Hitler & Stalin wanted their half of Poland. Stalin - hold on to Eastern Europe at all costs, including racial extermination of Ukrainians via famine.
    *Did you know Stalin personally wrote things like "Beat him! Beat him!" on torture/execution notices of prisoners?

    Posted by: Viet
  • He was definitely worse

    He killed million and millions of people compared to hitler, he didnt have a specific reason to kill people he killed literally anyone he saw even his own citizens, hitler on the other hand killed people for a legit reason. He killed them because he didnt like the jews and he hated them unlike stalin who killed just to kill

  • Absolutely! While Hitler

    Killed people out of twisted ideology and a desire to help his people, Stalin killed only to maintain his brutal regime's grip on power and out of spite. In addition to starving millions of soviet farmers even though grain production was up and purging anyone who displeased him, he killed millions of POWs and, if he could catch them, their families. While we remember Hitler as worse because he was our enemy in WWII and Stalin was our ally, beloved by the western media even before the war because he did away with communist principles to modernize Russia, Stalin was in reality far worse.

  • Absolutely! While Hitler

    Killed people because of perverse ideals and a desire to help his countrymen, Stalin is responsible for at least three times as many deaths in arguably worse ways for, in my opinion, worse reasons. Rather than being driven by ideals, Stalin purged and starved millions in order to maintain his iron fisted regime. While Hitler was at least partly motivated by ideals, Stalin killed solely out of spite and for power. He sent millions of under supplied, under trained soldiers to their deaths (and, for funzies, purged many of them when they got back) and executed hundreds of thousands of military prisoners. While Hitler also executed Russian prisoners, Stalin did it on a larger scale, and killed their families just for good measure. While we remember Hitler as worse because of war time propaganda and the admiration that the western media had for Stalin due to his practicality and abandonment of Communist principles, Stalin was, in reality, far worse.

  • No definitely not.

    We must not just examine the numbers, but we must examine why. Here is how Hitler killed people.

    1. Soldiers and civilians in a war he started
    2. People he didn't like in death camps
    3. Brainwashed a once-sane populace
    4. Not only killed, but degraded the people he killed to less then dirt

    Now let's match that up with how Stalin killed people.

    1. Got involved in a war which his army was undersupplied for
    2. Mismanaged resources and caused a man-made famine
    3. Civil wars not directly caused by him
    4. Death camps
    5. Assassinating political rivals.

    Hitler killed for much worse reasons and killed many more on purpose then Stalin did.

  • No he wasn't!

    Stalin may have killed more people but this doesn't make him worse. Hitler killed people at a much faster rate and for reasons that would make him worse than Stalin. Killing at least 20 million civilians in 4 years is much faster than Stalin ever killed people. That is why I would say Hitler was worse.

  • Both committed atrocities

    But Hitler systematically exterminated whole nations. Besides, he was a political force in Europe for a decade or so, Stalin for half a century. Even if he did kill more people he did it in over a longer period of time. Imagine if Hitler lived as long, and continued to kill with the same tempo as from 1939 to 1945!

  • Hitler was by far worse

    Stalin may have murdered millions more of people in his own country but if Hitler had the chance he would take it. If there was such a weapon as a doomsday device Hitler would be thrilled by the "beauty" it would cause. Stalin was with Mao who was Chinese which meant Stalin was not racist unlike Hitler. Hitler wanted to kill all non white people he wanted to kill the jews the COMMUNISTS the homosexuals the slavs political opponents traitors the mentally ill the crippled and the plutocrats. He wanted to destroy the allies and take over the world when at least Stalin helped defeat someone far more worse than he. Hitler would have betrayed enslaved and massacred his Japanese allies. Communism wanted to convert those not agreeing while at least letting them live while the Nazis and fascists wanted to annhilalate exterminate torture imprison and humiliate those who would not serve the MAJESTIC FURHER. Hitler deliberately started world war 2 and killed a lot of innocent and bad people. Hitler abused his niece and probably murdered her and faked her suicide. When ww1 was happening hitler would of course have to defend himself and kill people. And so he must have done not out of survival but out of malice and sadism. Hitler as a boy was given a warped vision of the world and took his anger of his father out on enemy soldiers. At Christmas he would stay in his trench not wanting to spend time with the allies while the rest of his comrades had some fun. Hitler joined the DAP and used its leader Anton Drexler as a puppet then cast him aside and became its leader. He got rid of drexlers ideas and his party and fashioned a horrific one... The Nazi Party. It was a miracle Hitler got into power and there is nothing more horrifying than a miracle

  • No, Hitler was worse

    Think of it this way : If Hitler had won the war, the Russians and all the Slavic nations would have been completely wiped out in a few years of slavery, all Jews would have been done away with sooner, and then after the Slavs, other nations would be condemned to slavery, starvation and gassings, while only 'pure-Aryan' Germans and a few other favoured nations reaped the rewards. Such was the Nazi ideology.
    Fortunately for mankind, Stalin won the war. His totalitarian system was very unpleasant and far too many people were executed and imprisoned but, actually, with Hitler gone, the world - and Russia in particular- were in a much better position, despite the cold war and the nuclear age.
    Stalin and the Soviet Communist ideology, for all its faults and brutality, and evil even, doesn't compare with the sheer aggression and insanity of the Nazi creed.
    The Nazis were worse, far worse. Hitler was worse than Stalin. Believe it.

  • Both were bad

    Both men were in leadership with a form of dictatorship. Both were responsible for many deaths. Hitler was responsible for not only many Jews and other people groups apart from the war. He was also the cause of Physical, Emotional and, Financial devastation throughout Europe. Stalin, though he was ruthless, was fighting to stop Hitler (thus losing many in that cause).

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When I saw this, my first thought was "Oh, wonder who made this?"
Viet says2014-01-21T05:36:27.197
^Ya same here. But i wanted to give a piece of my mind regardless.
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STALIN was born in the wrong era, its creepy how much you want to chandler all over the real Stalins Tatum.