Was Stalingrad the Most Important Battle of WWII?

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  • Stalingrad was the most important turning point of WWII!

    Stalingrad was the bloodiest battle in history where the axis powers suffered a staggering 850,000 casualties. The Germans were unable to reach the oil fields of the Caucasus. If Germany had won at Stalingrad, Germany could have won the war. They could have reached the British Empire and conquer the Middle East and India. The Nazis might even have been able to link up with the Japanese.

  • Interesting Subject, but....

    While i concede that Stalingrad was a pivotal battle in WW2 I look at it as a mistake, not a necessary battle. Hitler jumped the gun, moved forward without objectives being met... He moved forward with aspects of the operation without securing certain objectives, thus leading to the battle. With that in mind I contend that the Battle of Britain was a more important demonstration of Hitlers flawed philosophy. Just think of the future had Britain been knocked out of WW2 or even occupied as Hitler briefly planned. The funnel of supplies, the staging of Overlord, not to mention the Naval implications.
    Also I believe that Battle of Khalkhin Gol played a pivotal role in WW2. The Soviet action forced Japan to move into Southeast Asia to find resources and supplies for their pacific advance. Also the securing of this boarder allowed the USSR to move divisions west to combat the German advance.

    Posted by: eNo
  • Jimmy McPerson's Last Stand was.

    Jimmy McPerson isn't a well sung hero. He isn't in any history books; not many people have heard of him. Some might argue he was never even a documented citizen. But what can't be argued is the contributions he brought to this nation at its most troubled time: World War II, and it can also be said, without a doubt, that he definitely existed.

    Young Jimmy knew from the beginning that he was destined for greatness. Born to an African slave couple, Jimmy grew up in Harlem, Upstate Chicago. Like all black youth, Jimmy joined a gang in order to get his "props." He and the rest of his unnamed Harlem gang ran the streets with an iron fist. Times were indeed good. Or WERE THEY.

    Yeah, they were, until the Japanese performed a sneak attack on Jimmy's town, killing his parents instantly. Jimmy swore revenge on all the Japanese, and promised to avenge the death of his parents, who were on the verge of curing cancer. Jimmy couldn't join the army because Martin Luther King Jr wasn't born yet and blacks couldn't join the military. So Jimmy had to form a plan. A deadly plan. For Revenge.

    Under a new name, Jimmy snuck into the Japanese base in Tokyo and fought off countless samurai and ninjas, until he came face-to-face with the president of Japan. "President Kenpachi Ramasama! Now you're going to pay!" Jimmy said, but little did he know that right behind him was Hitler! "Now you must fight us both!" Jimmy fought valiantly, but he was no match for both Hitler and President Kenpachi-sama... JAPAN. With his dying charge, he pushed Hitler out the window, falling to his death.

    Jimmy McPerson probably saved the world because he killed Hitler, though sacrificing himself in the process. However, because Jimmy used a fake name to do battle in China, his story was never revealed to the American public. Thus, Jimmy's efforts will go passed by, overlooked by time and history. But that's why Jimmy McPerson is my hero, and why Jimmy McPerson's Last Stand was the most important battle of World War II.

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