• Yes, he was a class act

    Stan Musial played the game correctly; with heart, pride, and integrity. He fought on the baseball field with a certain intensity that makes his baseball's perfect warrior. He was scrappy, but still powerful and a terrific ball player. While others may have matched his overall package of spiritedness, courage, and longevity.

  • YES

    While I find it an odd concept that baseball can have such a thing as a perfect warrior, I would say that he fits the bill quite nicely. He had a long career with the Cardinals, but he was also described as a guy that managed to keep a good humor and not let all his fame and talent go to his head.

    He served his country when it was in World War Two, with service in the Navy, and he was voted as Life's best player for a solid decade.

    I would say that service in World War Two and also maintaining a good personality despite all his talent and fame makes him a great contender for the label.

  • Yes, Stan Musial was an inspiration.

    Stan Musial was a great baseball player. He has been described as a player who got along with folks and had a good disposition. He served his country during World War II with service in the United States Navy. He had much talent and a long career with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • Yes, he had talent and likeablity

    The idea that he was baseball's "perfect warrior" is a weird question, but San Musial was an amazing baseball player. In fact, he was voted as Life's best player for a full decade. Add to that he was well liked by just about everyone, and humble enough to admit his mistakes, and you have one amazing player.

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