Was Steven Fry right in describing god as "Utterly evil" should he exist?

Asked by: GuitaristPaul
  • Yes, he was right. If God exists--it does not matter which God we are talking about--he would be "utterly evil".

    A supremely intelligent, and omnipotent being who creates a universe suffused with suffering and does nothing to alleviate that suffering, and indeed, according to some of his reputations, commands suffering to be inflicted upon others, would have to be a wicked God. There is no way out of that. Theists often bring up the argument that suffering is necessary--God knows why--but I can see at least two problems with that argument. Firstly, suffering seems to be "necessary" only in this universe, since God is the creator of everything, he is also the creator of probability and possibility, he should have been able to create a possible world where suffering does not exist--and again, according to some authorities such a world exists (heaven). This means that he intentionally created a world filled with suffering. Secondly, there are different forms of suffering and some of them seem to be unnecessary, they serve no purpose, we don't learn anything from the experience--genocides for instance are nothing more than occasions of gratuitous suffering. And yet if God exists, it would be perfectly clear that he is all right with all of this, that he does not care,

  • He may be merely indifferent

    God may be merely indifferent, or perhaps God finds a purley good world boring but still sets things up so that good triumphs, most of the time.

    Also depends on how you define God, if all God means is creator of the Universe without having to necessarily be omnipotent and omniscient (and God could be just one of these things too i.e. omnipotent but doesn't know exactly what will happen if he does X, Y, and Z) then perhaps God lacks the power to stop evil, or only has somewhat power to stop evil.

    There could also be many Gods and some of them are good and some of them are evil.

  • Look at what God gave you.

    1. God created the world
    2.God gave you all that is good in life
    3. When you die, you are to be rewarded if you are good
    4. God may be the reason for miracles
    While suffering exists on Earth, there are several causes such as human action, and suffering is what reminds humans what is important in life

    As bad as suffering is, you have to remmember that God has a plan for you. He is what makes miracles happen. Our world is not perfect, but if you live the right way, you will live in perfection for eternity. There, God will wipe every tear from your eyes and there will be no suffering. God intended for a perfect world, but then humanity sinned and suffering began. But do you know what God did? He promised to bring a Savior to give humans a chance at heaven.

    "For God so l8ved the world, that he sent his only son, that whoever should believe in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life"
    -The Bible

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