• Yes, was a highlight

    Stuart Scott's speech was one of the best I have ever seen. He will be remembered for it for a very long time and think it will be very had to top it. There are so many people who were touched and talking about it that it will always be brought up when talking about him.

  • Yes, the speech was Stuart's finest moment in television

    The 2014 ESPY speech that Stuart Scott made was his finest moment ever in television. As he received the Jimmy V Award, Scott displayed himself as being a fighter, a father and most importantly a patient person. Rather than resulting to his usual catchphrases, Scott spoke of his struggle with cancer and how much appreciative he was of the assistance he got from his co-workers.

  • Crowning life moment

    Stuart Scott won a 2014 ESPY. This in and of itself is a major achievement for anyone. The speech was a wonderful look at the inner workings of Scott's mind. It was just a deeper look into the athletes outlook on life and what else he wants to achieve. Many more speeches to come for sure.

  • Really inspiring to see

    We've never seen this side of Stuart Scott before, but that's only part of the power behind his speech. He wasn't talking about his cancer as a far-off thing, something long since beaten. He was talking, very honestly, about something happening to him right now. When a charismatic speaker like him chooses to do that, there are few things more powerful.

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