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  • No, the super bowl was not the best of all time.

    I have not watched may Super Bowls, but this one was NOT good. There were missed calls, false calls, bad plays, and above all, the lights went out and delayed the game. I am glad the Ravens won, but I don't feel it was a fair win. We will never know what would have happened if the calls had been better.

  • No, Super Bowl XLVII was not the best of all time.

    Perhaps the fault lies in the amount of hype that preceded the event. Television viewers were promised an extravaganza of mammoth proportions. But do we really need all that? Do we need performers who blow power circuits and advertisers who spend millions for 30-second spots? It's music and sports, yet it's become a venue for hype. I think we need to tone down our lust for excess, and football with its undertones of violence is a good place to begin.


    It was definitely not the best Super Bowl because we have no definition for what the best Super Bowl should be. We have no scale of what makes one Super Bowl better than any others. And the half time show was very disappointing, if I do say so myself. Also, the game was fairly boring until the second half.

  • It Wasn't The Best

    The Super Bowl this year was very entertaining but it was not the best. It was actually far from it. The first half of the game was kind of boring because the 49ers were playing so bad. Everyone thought the game was going to be a blow out. There have been much more entertaining Super Bowls.

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