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  • No probably not

    I have been hearing about unnecessary tear gassing of civilians too often lately. What is the deal? No one should be scared that their government is going to gas them just because they can't "get people under control". People really need to make their governments discuss this over-kill and make their governments calm down.

  • no tear gas please

    People have the right to exercise peaceful protest, it seems that the authorities have lost their patience in bringing in reforms and overlooking the democratic process. How long before the harsh treatment of its own people that china inflicts, comes to the province. Then tear gas will feel like a walk in the park!

  • They don't want democracy.

    No, tear gas was not necessary to control Occupy Hong Kong, because it is the democracy that the governments do not want to see emerge. They could have just let the people have their peaceful protest, but they did not need to shoot the people with tear gas. The governments just want to control public thought.

  • No, tear gas was not necessary to use against protestors in Hong Kong.

    The protestors in Hong Kong are simply bringing to light some complaints they have with the government. When governments respond to democracy with violence, they display the fact that they are not legitimate. Recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri show that when a government acts violently to legitimate opposition, they stir up violence.

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