• A resounding "yes"

    During the Spanish-American War In 1898, Teddy Roosevelt led a ragtag coalition in the army known as the Rough Riders in a charge on foot up San Juan Hill and captured the enemy base. TR started the tradition of interventionist foreign policy. TR facilitated the construction of the Panama Canal. He expanded the Navy and sent the Great White Fleet on a world tour to project the United States' naval power around the globe. His successful efforts to broker the end of the Russo-Japanese War won him the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize. While TR was in office, he went after large corporations with a ferocious intensity. While he was president, the aggressive enforcement of the Sherman Antitrust Act continued under his tutelage. In fact, he saw himself as a "steward" to all people -- laborers and wealthy alike. Legally and politically speaking, the Sherman Antitrust Act was an unprecedented use of the federal power to regulate interstate commerce. We have TR to thank for aggressively using federal power to govern. TR was known as a trust buster. He forced the dissolution of a great railroad combination in the Northwest. Under Roosevelt, 44 monopolies were broken up compared to the meager 18 of his three predecessors combined. He also used his executive powers to establish national parks. TR transferred millions acres to the federal government for wildlife and nature conservation. He was truly the first (and perhaps the only) "environmentalist" in office. TR was also known to exercise his personal charisma to wrangle reform from Congress. He averted catastrophe with the 1902 coal strike by setting up a fact-finding commission. He threatened to use the US Army to mine the coals and seize the mines; and convinced both the miners and the owners to accept the findings of a commission. The strike was suspended and never resumed. The miners received 10% wage increase and working hours were reduced from 10 to 9 while the owners didn’t have to recognize the trade union as a bargaining agent anymore.

  • Yes, he was one of the most inspiring US Presidents

    Yes, Theodore Roosevelt was definitely one of the most inspiring leaders in the history of the USA. Not only was he great in the role of the President of the USA, leading the country into the so called "Progressive era", but he excelled in almost anything he did, from studies and writing to military service.

  • He preserved the national parks.

    Teddy Roosevelt was an inspiring leader because he helped the country at a time when his style of leadership was very effective. A camping trip with a friend encouraged the President to start the national park system. Americans love the national park system and they are proud of it. Roosevelt gets the credit for this accomplishment.

  • Yes, Teddy Roosevelt was an inspiring leader.

    Yes, Teddy Roosevelt was an inspiring leader because he helped create so many of the national parks that we now can use today. He helped the environment and used his booming presence to get things done. He never took "no" for an answer and always pushed back to get his way.

  • People loved him or hated him

    Teddy Roosevelt was a larger-than-life man who inspired the country through his tough talk and tougher action. Win or lose, you knew where Roosevelt stood on an issue, and that's important for citizens of the country. I actually think that he's a past version of somebody like Donald Trump. Of course, Roosevelt also had a ton of political smarts.

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