Was Teddy Roosevelt the best candidate in the election of 1912? If not who was and why?

Asked by: MrKline
  • Good Old Teddy, The Rough Rider

    Teddy Roosevelt was I think one of our best presidents for this country. He has already served as president so he knows what to do. The general U.S public loves this man. He helped win the Spanish-American war in the past. He is a progressive which basically means he wants change in this country , to better the country and its people. In his last presidency he helped make peoples lives better by creating child labor laws and breaking up major monopoly's so they cant control prices of necessities. He has even built a canal to improve tis counties economy. He has done so many great things for this country like the national park system. So I think he is more than qualified to be the best candidate for the election of 1912. You couldn't ask for a better person to be president

  • Roosevelt for president

    Roosevelt was the best candidate for 1912 because of all of his accomplishments. Teddy was a trust-buster which meant he was a politician that breaks up monopolies into smaller companies. National parks were created due to him to create a better environment for people and wildlife. He also encouraged conserving resources and materials, so that they would not become scarce. The pure food and drug act was created by him because he saw how nasty products that were not supposed to be in the food got there including rats and wood chips. Teddy Roosevelt was the best candidate for the election of 1912 because he was a progressive, and he wanted change. Change is exactly what Teddy Roosevelt had over any other candidate in 1912.

  • Yes, I think Teddy Roosevelt was the best candidate in the election of 1912.

    Teddy Roosevelt had the most leadership experience and was very decorated. He also did a lot for the United States, including creating the FDA, national park regulations, the Panama Canal and child labor laws. With another term I think he could have done much more and advanced this country much further. Teddy Roosevelt had much more real life knowledge which is more important than being book smart. His main priority was helping the people and not big monopolies. He is a good example of how a modern president should set his goals.

  • Theodore Roosevelt was indeed the best Candidate

    To begin, Teddy Roosevelt was a wonderful President. He noticed that it took way too long to get sail because the ships had to go all the way around South America. He was a smart man and figured out the perfect plan to fix the problem. This lead to the establishment of the Panama Canal. The Canal allowed ships to sail quicker which meant that crews would not have to be at see for a longer period of time and sailing was a lot easier. The ships were also used to sail military items which of course are very valuable and needed. Teddy Roosevelt also saw how young children had to work and were in danger of being extremely hurt and/or killed. He did not want young children to be forced to work because their families were too poor so child labor laws were put into play. Lastly, Roosevelt was a trust-buster. This means that Roosevelt basically crushed all the monopolies. These are some reasons why Roosevelt was the best candidate for the election of 1912.

    If there's corruption that needs a-bustin'
    Who you gonna call???

  • Roosevelt Deserved It

    I believe that Roosevelt deserved to be a candidate because he wanted to change the world. That is what we needed, and we still do. He took part in environmental issues and helped by creating national parks. He was progressive. He was also a trust buster, breaking up monopolies. Teddy should have been elected again, because he did extremely well the first time and everybody agreed and had a liking towards him. I also think teddy was a great candidate because he was against child labor unlike William Taft. Children certainly should not have been treated the way they were. To think that a five year old should be working in a coal mine is sickening and disgraceful to this country. We now have labor laws. This is important because nobody is overworked and you have to be a certain age to work a certain amount of hours. It's fair treatment. Teddy gave a lot to this country and he should have been a candidate because he would have continued to make a great country for people.

  • Yes for Teddy

    I think Teddy was the best candidate for the election of 1912 because even that he got shoot he still stud up and gave his speech it would that a strong man to do that I would not beable to do that because If I would have been shoot I would have got of of the stange and said let of who wants it can have it

  • Strong man, Strong nation

    Why I Said yes to this is because Roosevelt was a strong and a well known man. If he didn't do what he did back then this word would be different. When he got shot at the election in 1912 when he got shot and he put a bandage on his wound and put his suit coat back on and went back to the stand and said what he had to say and every one what shocked on what he did that's why I said yes he was the best candidate in 1912

  • Say yes to Teddy!

    Theodore Roosevelt was and always will be one of the best and brightest of his time. He helped destroy child labor and create a law against it. He is basically the reason the Panama Canal is here, he pushed intul he got what this nation deserved. He has helped this country through hard times and if he were a candidate now, I would for him.

  • No, I think Taft was the better candidate.

    Taft was the best candidate in my opinion because he was really smart, for he was a lawyer and judge. He also was a better trust buster than Teddy. Taft may have been a conservative, but he was a good conservative. He helped finish the Panama Canal, put two new states, and he started the federal budget. Teddy was not elected for the Republican party, and they chose Taft for a reason thinking he would be better. Taft knew what to do, and he was out of Roosevelt's shadow. This would allow him to do better. He was also a former president, and he has experience.

  • TR for president

    I think Teddy Roosevelt was the best candidate in the 1912 election because he was a Progressive. Unlike Taft, he believed in change. While he was president, he created the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal was created between North and South America to shorten the length of trips to transport goods to San Francisco.The canal was used to transport military materials. Roosevelt also assured stability in the Western Hemisphere with the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. Another major thing TR did was develop the FDA. The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration. Upton Sinclair brought the conditions in the meat packing factories to everyone's attention in "The Jungle".

  • Election of 1912

    Teddy Roosevelt was not the best candidate for the elections of 1912 because he left Taft as president which did not live up to his standards. Roosevelt left the country for eight months just in case of this happening and found himself in the spot he didn't want to be in. Eventually Roosevelt ran for another term because he was feeling spiteful and wanted to get back.

  • Teddy Roosevelt wasn't the best candidate in the election of 1912

    Roosevelt ignored race issues to appeal to a block of voters. He believed in trusts and didn't want to break up the trusts into several small, independent companies. Even though they were both progressives Wilson addressed the issue about race and wanted to divide the trusts into smaller, independent companies.

  • The election of 1912

    No Teddy was not the better candidate for the election of 1912. He messed up and basically tried to make up for his mistakes. He made Taft look so good, and told everyone he was his successor. That is how Taft then got to become president. After realizing that Taft was not doing things the progressive way he ran off. He went on a 8th month journey away from the U.S ,so he wouldn't have to deal with getting the blame for putting a conservative in charge. He than ran again to try and fix what he had messed up. He got shot and finished his speech to try and make himself look good. He messed up once by putting Taft in charge who turned out to not have progressive views and it lost him the election. He tried to make things better which obviously wasn't good enough because Woodrow Wilson won.

  • Teddy Roosevelt was not the best candidate of 1912

    In the Election of 1912 Theodore Roosevelt was not the best candidate. He wasn't because when he was president from 1901 to 1908 he said he would not run in the 1908 presidential race since he didn't want to run more terms then Washington. So instead he trained William Taft to be his successor and use his same thoughts and opinions. So when Taft won the 1908 election Roosevelt left the United States so they couldn't compare him to Taft. But when he came back he realized that Taft was not a progressive like he had thought, he was actually a conservative. This enraged Theodore so he ran as his own party in the 1912 election. The only reason he did that though which was to prove a point that he was better then Taft and more people liked him. But Roosevelt's plan backfired and Democratic nominee Woodrow Wilson won the election. So Roosevelt was not the best candidate in 1912 because he was just trying to prove a point by showing he was still liked and he wanted to beat Taft since he did not follow his progressive movements like he was taught.

  • Best not popular!

    Of course the people wanted T.R., but was he really the man for the job? America is a Republic not a Democracy. Not to mention Taft did a better job of trust-busting then T.R. Woodrow Wilson was a progressive like T.R. And was also better educated. Roosevelt only ran for president cause the Republican Party choose not to elect him as the Republican candidate. Did he really have the desire to be president, or was his ego just getting the best of him? Also if he would be elected, he would exceed two terms, which was the unspoken rule that you only run for two terms. Although I do understand that one of his terms was not a full term. I get that the people wanted Theodore Roosevelt, since he took a bullet and then gave a speech, but America needs brains more then it needs charisma.

  • Taft was the more successful "trust-buster".

    President Taft in my opinion was the better president. Though he was not as progressive in light of Roosevelt’s previous reign, he did improve America in ways that Roosevelt did not. Where Roosevelt supported and regulated the big companies, Taft broke apart them apart and let smaller businesses have a chance. In all Roosevelt kept the big companies, just in better regulated ways. That does not help the overall economy though. Taft had brought twice as many cases against companies in his four year term than Roosevelt had in seven years. With the big companies still in power because of Roosevelt, there were rare and few other options for consumers to get products other companies or small businesses. Though everyone says Roosevelt is the “trust-buster”, Taft was a more effective than his predecessor.

  • Teddy Was Not the Best Candidate

    Teddy Roosevelt wasn't the best candidate in the election of 1912. He wasn't going to run again until everyone wanted to. He then said he would only run again if he was nominated but then Taft was nominated. He became spiteful that's why he wanted to run again. He may have done good for our country when he was president but that doesn't mean he would have been for that election. Wilson was a better candidate, he was intelligent and he knew what was right for the country and used intelligence when making these decisions.

  • Teddy's Time Has Past!

    Teddy had already served two terms. As a president he did do good for our countries foreign policy, but what about American domestic policy? He had big plans, but he was too ambitious for his own good. What about the big industry? Women's suffrage? Crime rate? Poverty rate? These are all things Teddy wanted to fix but never delivered on his promises. He may call himself a progressive but America didn't progress under his presidency. Not only that he also stated he would not run again because two terms should be the maximum amount a president should serve, yet he ran again once again not staying truthful to his own word. Teddy had his chance to help America and now someone else should have a chance!

  • 1912 Voting Results

    Many of the people who are claiming to support Teddy are mentioning how popular he was with the common man. How then do you explain the fact that he lost the popular vote to Woodrow Wilson by over 2.1 million votes and only received 27% of the total vote. If he was so popular should he have not done better in the popular vote results?

  • Woodrow Wilson was the best candidate for the election of 1912.

    Teddy Roosevelt preferred government regulation of monopolies. William Taft wanted courts to break up unlawful monopolies. Woodrow Wilson took both of these ideas and kind of tied them together. In my opinion this was very smart of him because he was regulating monopolies and also breaking up unlawful monopolies, so if people like both Roosevelt’s idea and Taft’s idea they would like Wilson because he incorporated both ideas. In my opinion Wilson, Taft, and Roosevelt were the three top candidates so that's why I will focus mainly on them. Woodrow Wilson was smart about it. He took the main issues and made it to suitably fit mostly every ones likings. Then again he wasn't afraid to stand out and make sure everyone knows that he is a progressive and that he is against conservatism. I think that his ideas with the rising generations were better because it shows that he is really focusing on change. He said "to make the rising generations as unlike their fathers as possible". He also states “the declaration of Independence has outlived its usefulness”. He wanted something to fight the tyranny of special interests of political machines and selfish business. Woodrow Wilson had very bright ideas which is why I think he was the better candidate

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casey.harnar says2013-09-20T12:06:04.683
Teddy Roosevelt was the best candidate because, he wanted change in the United States and in Foreign affairs. He wanted to fix many Progressive issues. He fixed the Child Labor Laws so that no child under 11 years old could work, he created the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). All of these things did make him a great President, he was also admired by average men because, they could relate to him, they saw him as very boisterous. He even got rid of a few monopolies that were becoming too powerful, such Rockefeller, who had too much control in the oil industry, Roosevelt cut his power. All of these things along with his personality made him the best candidate for the election of 1912.
Andrew.Kochel says2013-09-20T12:19:03.590
I think Teddy Roosevelt was the best president for the election of 1912. There are a couple of reasons why I believe he was the best candidate. My first reason is he already showed the people of the united states how good of a president he was the first time he was elected. Next I think he was because he showed us he can take care of the United States. An example of that is when he sailed around the world with the Great White fleet to show how power the United States really where. Also he is a big help to the united states because he is a trust buster and we really needed a president that was a trust buster at the time. I also believe he should be president again because he could of ran again but he decided not to and suggested William Howard Taft, but then he found out that he did not like what he was doing. So in all respect William Howard Taft should of just let him run again.