• Tesla are crap

    Tesla makes toy cars as I call them because if I was running the world I'll stop electric cars from ever being sold anywhere because I hate them hybrids are good but full electric cars are just a big fat no from every electric car in the world should be burned

  • Texas has good judgment.

    Yes, Texas was right to block Tesla from selling cars in the state, because they are able to regulate things, much like they regulate alcohol and cigarettes. If Texas wants to enforce a specific type of sales model, and Tesla does not want to sell in the way that is allowed, Texas is justified in banning their sales.

  • No, Texas was not right

    Texas should not have blocked Tesla from selling cars in that state. It should have been able to do it like it wanted, and it seems a little bit suspicious that Texas did not allow it. Maybe it was due to some type of political need or want but it seems a little unfair to block an entire car company from selling somewhere.

  • Like in Many Things, Texas Was Wrong

    There is no good reason to stop the sale of electric cars. Doing so leads to damage in other ways. First, it stifles innovation. If nobody buys electric cars, companies like Tesla has no incentive to improve upon their technology. Plus, if electric cars do not become a viable alternative, the petroleum industry will continue to ruin the environment.

  • Not at all

    Here in the US we have a right to free commerce, so the ones in Texas who blocked this company from selling cars in the state was not right to at all, and in fact they broke our constitution rights when they did this act to the company out there.

  • No It Wasn't

    I do not believe Texas was right in blocking Tesla from selling cars in the state. I believe electric cars should be supported and Texas, being a big oil state, clearly didn't do that. While I understand they have oil and that's great I think they also need to realize that their product harms the environment.

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