Was Thanos' intention to wipe out half the galaxy right?

  • He was doing the universe a favor

    Thanos intentions were to help the universe not destroy it Remember his quote from endgame “I will shred this universe down to its last atom and with the stones you collected for me create a new one” so he never intended in to doing anything bad, He wanted to make the universe better

  • He was doing the universe a favor

    Thanos intentions was not to wipe out half the universe just because he is bad, But because he had a reason for it, The world is full of people over 7 billion, Overpopulation is a huge problem thanos believed overpopulation, Prevented a planet to thrive, Which is true and if the population increases more, More and more resources will run out, People who don’t have jobs are not worth on the planet so basically thanos wipes out half the universe to stop overpopulation and the growing problems of agriculture and many more

  • It was to stop overpopulation.

    When Gamora fought back about Thanos wiping out half her planet, saying it was fine and people were happy, he asked her if "fine" was starvation. There was just too many people. Thanos killed half of everyone so that the surviving half could create a better world, whatever world that may be.

  • He isn't mad with power

    I've read the comic, Infinity Gauntlet, and in that one, Thanos killed half the galaxy to impress Lady Death. That makes zero sense as to why. In the movie, however, he kills half of the universe so everyone can live in a paradise and won't have to deal with over population. He does it out of a good purpose, and he isn't doing this because he has so much power

  • Overpopulation is a real problem.

    The marvel universe, I am going to assume, isn't far off from reality in terms of population. There is more than 7 billion people on our planet. There are millions who go without food and several billion who don't have adequate healthcare needs being met. With increasing technology, it only takes a small amount of people to do jobs that used to require hundreds. More and more people will be jobless and that problem will continue to increase as technology advances.

    It is also necessary to point out that the amount of forest that we destroy to make room for agriculture so we can feed that many people is unreal, as well as how many trees we chop down just to build shelter. We are draining this planet of resources very quickly and the faster the population grows, the faster we run out of resources.

    Wiping out half of the galaxy (or in our case, the population of the planet) sounds terrible but it would also guarantee that the human race will survive much longer than it is going to at this rate.There would need to be a more intelligent method of decreasing the population though because just removing half of all life at random could leave the world with a big shortage of doctors, scientists, adults, children, or even a shortage of men or women.

  • Methods undermine the results

    I do sympathize with Thanos about preventing overpopulation, but him being presented as an environmentalist is unorthodox. Compared to Ego, Thanos is portrayed as more humanistic. I guess I can understand him wanting to prevent other inhabited planets from suffering the fate of his homeworld, but the brutality of his methods undermine the goodness of the end. The scene where he sacrifices Gamora for the Soul Stone, were his tears authentic?

  • Wrong Way, Right Mindset

    He was thinking the right way, Trying to save the universe from human overpopulation, But he did it the wrong way. This way will only wipe out random species and unbalance the ecosystem. Not only that, But species that are critically endangered will now have an even lower chance of survival.

  • No he was wrong

    The mad titian was insane. He worships death and the producers were too chicken to show to the general audience his true purpose. They downplayed it by making him an eco terrorist.
    If he was so concerned he could increased the resources of the universe or made them replenish able.
    Instead he delayed the problem.

  • Thanos had one job.

    Thanos' snap made half of all living things gone. That includes plants and animals. Plants and animals. Our food source. (this is confirmed) He changed nothing! He did not make it better, If anything he made it worst. More than 50% died. Endangered animals, Plants and also people. How many planes and cars crashed because of the snap? One thing leads to another and in the end the whole universe is a mess. What Thanos did does not solve the problem of over population.

  • He could have done anything else.

    Thanos had infinite power, And of all the things he could do, He decided to kill half the universe. Why couldn't he just make overpopulation not a problem? Why couldn't he make resources infinite? Why couldn't he make half the population infertile? Why couldn't he make a utopia out of thin air? There were so many things to do, And he did the stupidest thing.

  • Thano's plan wouldn't work long term

    Thano's plan, Plain and simple wouldn't last as the population would simply just grow back within 50 - 100 years. What he should have done was use his reality stone to turn useless substances into more resources. For example he could have taken asteroids and turned them into food to feed the homeless. Or taken uninhabitable planets and turn them into forests full of trees and food.

  • Is based on chance

    While being a rather easy way of solving overpopulation, The entire idea is based on a fair 50/50 split of the earth (for example) which would imply around 3. 75 billion people are now gone. Since this is completely based on chance who is to say that a doctor who cares for dozens of patients is suddenly unable to care for them, Who is to say a baby is left alone without its parents and who is to say that a worker or scientist handling sensitive equipment, Like a nuke for example, Would disappear leaving said equipment unattended. These would cause many unintentional deaths from many factors and are only an incredibly small portion of people of such responsibility and would unintentionally cause more death than Thanos intended, This can go for everyone else in the universe aswell.

  • Murder is wrong.

    Overpopulation is a bad thing I will agree with that. But Murdering half the universe is worse. At least overpopulation is potentially solve-able. With not murdering. But murdering the half the population potentially has even worse effects than over-population. He killed half the pilots while they were in mid-air. Think about it: How many accidents would that cause? And he killed half of professionally trained doctors. He murdered geniuses that may have come up with ideas the solve over population. And think of the psychological effects. Imagine seeing half your friends and family disappear before your eyes. That would cause some serious PTSD and survivor's guilt. Also potentially depression and nervous disorders. Thanos may have had good intentions, but MURDER IS STILL WRONG!

  • Why didn't Thanos just make the infinity stones in his gauntlet when he got the reality stone?

    The reality stone was the third stone that Thanos got why didn't he just make the stones right then and there? He could have because the reality stone he can make anything he wants so why didn't he just make the stones using the reality stone? Is he really that stupid?

  • There are different ways

    If he has the power to do anything he wants and manipulate reality why doesnt he just make the universe itself grow to a massive size and also make planets bigger and give planets more resources. Its the soul problem with the story. If he can do anything why would he do this or that when he can fix everything and bring back his home planet in the snap of his fingers.

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