Was the 1942 Doolittle Raid on Japan justified?

Asked by: bigdave
  • The 1942 Doolittle Raid on Japan was justified.

    After Japan's unjustified attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, America needed to send a strong message to Japan. The Doolittle Raid showed that the Japanese could not defend their emperor in their own territory. It demonstrated that Japan would not win the war in the end, and it boosted American morale.

  • Well it is clear most people will vote Yes

    Japan attacked Peal Harbor, a declaration of war. Clearly the Doolittle raid was necessary to diminish Japanese morale and show the Japanese leadership that they are not as secure as they might believe. The Doolittle raid was a minor bombing of Tokyo so it was not really a crime. Kk

  • War is unjustified

    To debase the other arguments above, 1. Pearl Harbor was justified you cut off there oil you were punished. 2. You attacked a city not a military target. 3. War is bad it leads to the further abuse of the proletariat. This cannot be held in a state of moral correctness.

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